#398 Games from my Backlog for the month of July

Well it was bound to happen, not once during the past month I played either of the two games I assigned myself to play through for the month of June. For those who are new  to this website “Games from my Backlog” is a long running program was created to help me work through my mammoth gaming backlog by setting aside two or three game titles a month to exclusively work through, not to complete or finished but to play enough to experience what to game has for me and to see if I wanted to play through it more of that game or genera. Last month I was suppose to play Gotham City Impostors: Free To Play and  La-Mulana and I had absolutely no interest in either games.

I think it was because I did not want these games in the first place, a problem I was touching on in last month’s Games from my Backlog post. Both of these games were bought as consolation prizes, either paying for it because it was a part of the Humble WB Games Bundle as was the case for Gotham Impostors or as was the case with La-Mulana, the game was 90% and I was already heading towards the checkout page with a handful of games.

 honestly I cant count how many of these were bought because they were bundled with other, more appealing, games

honestly I cant count how many of these games were bought because they were bundled with other, more appealing, games


To use my mother’s favorite Hugh Prather quote,”If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing, then the desire is not to write” and I did not need to take four weeks to realize that my reluctance to play these games meant I did not want to play either of these games. There was such a lack of motivation that I could not find the motivation to start up the client for one match, even for the sake of the project and the idea of streaming these matched for one of my scheduled Twitch times. It was so bad that I even completely forgot to even change the Be MOP side banner from the month before.

oops. My Bad

Oops….. My Bad


This month is going to be different, we just got finished recovering from the week-long Steam Summer Sales extravaganza, I now have some recently bought games that I want to play. That’s why I am choosing LEGO Batman 2, a Lego game that is all about the Dark Knight and the Bat-gang fighting the clown prince of crime and Ducktales: Remastered, a High Definition remake of a classic platformer that I never got to play from my childhood, as my two games for the month of July.


Be sure to check back here at the start of August to see if I can break my unmotivated gaming streak.


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