#397 The Post-Steam Summer Sale Damage Report

It is over, it’s finally over, the Steam Summer sales have ended, the virtual summer camp have closed their doors and everyone has gone home, back to normal gaming life with at least something special and a possibly a lighter wallet for some at the end of the week.

...and people like me have walked away with a shiny award for helping out my Team Red

…and people like me also walked away with a shiny award for helping out my Team Red


While we are all readjusting to the idea of a full priced game, I thought I would take this time to go through my haul and catalog exactly what games I bought and show how much USD I paid versus how much I would have paid if they were not on sale:


Tiny Brains: 1.99/9.99

Rush Bros.: .99/9.99

Walking Dead Season 2: 6.24/24.99

Risk of Rain: 4.99/9.99

DuckTales: Remastered : 4.99/14.99

Battleblock Theater (2 pack) : 6.24/24.99

The Wolf Among Us: 8.49/24.99

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: 4.99/19.99

LEGO Batman 2: 4.99/19.99

Spec Ops: The Line 5.99/29.99

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons: 2.99/14.99

Dark Souls: 4.99/19.99

Resident Evil 4: 11.99/19.99

Reus: 2.49/9.99

Transistor Soundtrack Pack: 22.50/29.99


Now if I did my math correctly I ended up spending $114.06 on 15 new games over the course of one week. If you are my mother that might seem like a lot but for the cost of $114.06 I received the gaming value equivalent of about $284.85 which is on average, 40% off everything that I was going to eventually buy anyways

On top of the incredible deal, it was also worth it because now I have a replenished and updated gaming library with games I want to play, rather than reluctantly playing games that I have ended up owning as consolation prizes from Humble Bundles. Something you will see  me talk more about in Wednesday’s blog post.


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Disclosure: I am apart of the Streamer Partnership Program for Turbine’s A.R.T.S/MOBA, Infinite Crisis, which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

This blog post was written without approval, consent, or knowledge from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment or any of it’s subsidiaries


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