#394 The Tale of Nozell’s Feebas

A few lazy Sundays ago I helped my younger brother transfer his Pokemon roster from his Pokemon Black to his Pokemon X cartage by way of my Pokemon Bank account.


because that is what big brothers, with credit cards, do for younger brothers

because that is what big brothers, with credit cards, do for younger brothers without credit cards


The deal we made was that he was allowed to transfer all of his favorites to his newest version of Pokemon, I was then I am allowed to scavenge any and all leftovers from his PC boxes before he restarted his game file. After my brother finished moving I was given free range on all the other Pokemons. Among the pickings I found some original Hoenn Pokemons from the Game Boy Advance games and out of the originals generation 3 Pokemons was a Feebas that was transferred from my Pokemon Emerald Save file, which is currently MIA. But finding that one fish reminded me of a story that I want to share with all of you.


yup this story is a long time comming

yup this story is a long time coming


For all of those who did not play through Hoenn region, the Feebas Pokemon was the Generation III version of magikarp, an ugly Pokemon that could only evolve with max beauty points from winning enough beauty pokemon contests. While it was a cool idea, and evolved into a pretty amazing Pokemon the catch was it could only be caught if you fished in one of six squares on route 119, the location of the squares are different for each save file and just for good measure those six squares would be randomized with every Elite Four victory.

Just look at all that water in this one zone

If you wanted to catch a Feebas, you had your work cut out for you


At the time I was trying  to complete the Hoenn Regional Pokedex (and I succeeded) with help and friendly competition with my two other brothers who were playing their games at the same time. When it came to trying to add a Feebas to my collection, neither I, my brother, or any of my friends have never caught a Feebas because it was so difficult to find. So I did what any aspiring Pokemon Master would do, I spent hours fishing at each square title on route 119 until I found one of my lucky squares in my game. After the excited screams and fist pumps I imminently started farming that one area for that one fish Pokemon. I was soon known to be the only kid in my family and in my school to have access to the this fabled Feebas, as a result I gain a monopoly on that one Pokemon (until people started breeding the Feebases I gave them).Looking back on the this story with a few classes of Biology under my belt I realized how cool this story because one person in my hometown was responsible for the entire population of one Pokemon and many of those Feebases were the spawn of the first Feebas I caught.

I have forgotten about this story for years but now it finally paid off because, my brother kept one of my original Feebases from my Emerald save and transferred it to his Pokemon Black and gave it to me as a gift for allowing him to transfer his other Pokemons. Now one of my pokemon, that is reaching ten years old, which was the result of hard work, determination and just a little bit of luck has come full circle and has come back into my possession, taking up permanent resident in the Pokemon Bank cloud servers just waiting to be transferred back to the Generation 3DS remake to come back to it’s updated world.


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