#391 Finally, Finally Bought a Wii U

Consider this a follow-up to my last blog post. Friday I made it known my desire to finally own a Wii U after following Nintendo’s E3 presentation and seeing what all the games they have in store.  But just talking about action means nothing, it is performing on the action that does anything important. After banking my most recent paycheck I then went on a grand adventure of traveling around 5 stores I finally found exactly what I wanted: A limited release Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle and a copy of Super Mario 3D World.

Just getting hyped from the E3 presentations means nothing if you do not act on that hype.

This was one of my first few ‘major’ strictly entertainment purchases I have ever bought and the first console I paid for by myself.


I paid for the new console with my money but it is bought for the family. As I said before I bought this console for two reasons those amazing Nintendo First Party Exclusives and the Local Co-OP and I got exactly that, and the moment my brothers picked up the controllers the real fun began.  What’s amazing is that in 3D World, just like Super Mario 3D Land, the game has no tutorials everything is explained in brilliant in game level designs and drop in Co-op meant that my brothers can join me at any point in the game, especially when they start talking smack after I failed several times trying to collect of the green star collectibles.

And having just one person who is playing next to me on the couch brought me so much more excitement and fun than any 32 man FPS maps

And having just one person who is playing next to me on the couch brought me so much more excitement and fun than any 32 man FPS maps


This entire weekend I have been playing Co-Op with my brothers in Super Mario 3D world, that is until the rest of my family kicked us off the TV so everyone else could catch up with the most recent Fifa matches, And at that moment the gamepad feature to play the Wii U games on your controller without any quality or frame drops.

But the fun and games does not stop there, after registering my console and two games I was able to then download Zelda: Wind Waker HD because of Nintendo’s current Mario Kart 8 promotional give away and I was then able to pick up the Wii U port of Mario Party 2 from the recent boosts of Club Nintendo’s rewards points.

For about $390 I was able to get a current gen system, two controllers, and four Wii U games that I have been wanting to play with others for a while all while lowering my barrier to entry for the next Super Smash Bros game. Which looking back is an amazing bargain and after playing the games I can say it was worth it.

People on the campaign trial can say many things about me but I am not finical irresponsible

People on the campaign trail can say many things about me but I am not financially irresponsible


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