#390 Finally, Finally Buying a Wii U

E3 ended this week and this is the first time I ended up being swept  by the hype train. I have been heavily following E3 for a few years now and while past few E3s have been entertaining to watch, none of them have made to actually act on anything after the ceremony has closed. That stops this year because this one expo have made me excited for future games and get me excited enough to finally commit to a physical purchase. Sometime this weekend I am going to make plans to buy a Wii U with my most recent paycheck. It is no surprise that I am a bit of a Nintendo fan for a while, I was raised in a Nintendo house and even though I have moved towards PC gaming during the Wii/PS360 generation, I still have a special place in my gaming heart for all things Nintendo. This year it looks like Nintendo released and announced enough projects to finally got me to get me interested.

For recap Nintendo already has the incredibly popular Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and Wonderful 101 under their belts going in to E3. During this past week Nintendo shown off a handful of new Brawl characters, more information on the Bayonetta sequel, A new Zelda title, and  whole bunch of new IPs for the console, which is exactly what a struggling console would need to get its second wind.

and the award for the most out of left field game announcement goes to.....

and the award for the most out of left field game announcement goes to…..


I have said it before that while the PC will always (or has the potential to) be  more powerful in every way to any console but the one thing that console always have over PC, besides the first party exclusives,  is the ability to comfortably host and support local Co-op game play. The reason I was raised in a Nintendo family was because we did not have a family computer and the Nintendo device had the history of established multiplayer videogames, which was almost a mandatory feature in our big family to make sure there was the least amount of bickering over who had control over the T.V and my family had a blast spending countless hours playing and replaying games like Super Smash Melee, Kirby Air Ride, Mario Party, and Mario Kart Double Dash.

We didnt even use the proper race tracks in this game, Kirby Air Ride was only used for the free roaming city mode

We didn’t even use the proper race tracks in this game, Kirby Air Ride was only used for the free roaming city mode


My plan is, over the weekend to find a store with a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle, along with Super Mario 3D World, download my free copy of Zelda wind Waker HD and spend the weekend having nothing but CO-OP fun with my family and friends. I will damned to say if I not just a little bit excited to own and play on a new console again. I guess Nintendo did success or even going as far as saying they won E3 in my eyes because they got me to view the Wii U as a proper console, and showing me enough quality content of what they already have,and what projects are in the works to justify the cost of buying another gaming device.


Although this weekend I am spending quite a bit of my paycheck on Nintendo games, I just hope that is no other event coming up requiring even MORE money on videogames.

uh oh.....

uh oh…..




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