#389 Is there a true need for Exclusives?

E3 is wrapping up and while I am still trying to up on the various streams and press releases that I missed because of work for the next few day. While I am still surfing through Twitch and the YouTube highlights, one of the biggest E3 related news that I want to talk about is the announcement that Dead Rising 3 (a Xbox One launch title) and Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming to the PC. With those two games going  multi-platform and moving to the PC I do have to ask, is there a need for third-party console exclusives any more?

I am not naive enough to claim that Super Mario 3D World should be ported to the PlayStation 4, because I know the importance of keeping Mario, Master Chief and Kratos as the respective console mascots. Between Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 and Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto and the old news of Kingdom Hearts 3 moving to the Xbox One and during the time where game developers have the first hands on experience with the new consoles, I  think we need to ask the question again.

As of right now the current generation of Microsoft and Sony console’s specs are so similar that there is no real reason why one game should be able to run on either One or the other (4). I understand that back in the day Sega’s Sonic games were created to advertise the Sega Genesis’s processing power compared to Nintendo’s NES and Super Nintendo. And during that time of the early 90’s there was a bunch of different consoles that had different controllers that provided different input controls that game developers needed to properly code. Right now there only advertised different in the two newest consoles, when it comes to gameplay and game performance, is the 720p vs 1080p resolution.

I do not need to say how good of a business model for 3 third-party videogame developers to constantly and only go multi-platform in the future and not even bother with the promotional exclusives with the console companies. Just going exclusively multi-platform means that these companies do not end up isolating their fan base or potential customers, which I know they do not want to do because these videogame companies are still porting their new AAA games to the last generation consoles (Be MOP #383)

But I want to bounce this question back to you guys reading at home, what do you think about the consoles exclusives (both first and third-party exclusives) with a gaming generation being so similar and standardized specs and controls? And where is the PC copy of Kingdom Hearts?

I think the only possible exception to my little rant to console exclusives should/may be titles that could not survive without divine intervention like what we saw with Platinum Games and Nintendo.


speaking of I cant wait go get around to buying a Wii U

speaking of I cant wait go get around to buying a Wii U

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