#379 Boston FIG 2014

Consider this Monday blog post a PSA to the East Coast gamers that are interested in attending and supporting another growing videogame event in Boston. This past week tickets for Boston Festival of Indie Games just went on sales and now I using that bit of news as an excuse to talk about this event.  Come this September The Boston Festival of Indie Games, or Boston FIG for short, will mark the third year of showcasing new and still in progress video and board games of up and coming independent game developers.

 because there is no way of isolating your entire readership than by limiting the blog post to a geographical location

because there is no way of isolating your entire readership than by limiting the blog post to one specific geographical location


Last year I decided to attend Boston FIG on a whim not expecting much from it but an impromptu field trip turned into an amazing day in Boston. While I was at the event  I sat in on some interesting panels and talks for East Coast game developers, the convention was the first place I discovered the Extra Life charity drive, and in videogame expo hall I got to meet the creator of one of my favorite indie games that came out that year, Neocolonialism, and to wrap things up the whole festival was followed by a small -but still rocking- videogame concert by the Dubstep artist DJ Cutman and  musician behind The Bastion’s soundtrack, Darren Korb  at a local club.

it was an odd paring to have "Mother I'm Here (Zulfs Theme) follow a dubstep performance but it worked out through the magic of videogames

it was an odd pairing to have “Mother I’m Here (Zulf’s Theme) follow a dubstep performance but it worked out through the magic of videogames


I would not be doing my own self appointed duty as a New England blogger if I did not try to promote every start-up East Coast /Boston videogame event that I stumble upon. As I mentioned before this year’s tickets are currently on sale at ten dollars per person or $7.50 if you buy two or more tickets. My brother and I have already bought our tickets and have already started the countdown and I hope that you attend as well.

If you are interested be warned from my experience last year is that this is a gaming convention with a very niche demographic, so if you are not an aspiring video game developers that wants to rub elbows and network with fellow game developers in the area or if you not are a videogame player that loves indie games and what to see the newest indie games that are currently in the works, you might not have as much to gain from attending this conventions as say…someone who have already wrote dozens and dozens of blog posts professing his love of the indie gaming scene.

Even after all of that if you are still interested I hope you can find time and a way over to Boston for this event because the East Coast desperately needs more of a presence in the videogame industry. One of the best way to do that is by attending these events, boasting the numbers of attendees, and showing the videogame companies on the West Coast and around the States that it is financially viable to host more videogame events in Boston.


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