#369 Filler Post: The Wrath of Khan

As the name suggests I do not have a proper topic to write about for today. It was a bit of a slow news week with no videogame related news that I can weigh in on and I have not been too active in my personal gaming live besides spending way too much time playing a web browser version of 2048. I have been working and preparing on this one -really big- video game project throughout this week but I am not ready to announce it until Monday of next week.

So for now just enjoy the second edition of the Filler Post (Be MOP #354) saga. No doubt that fans of the series will claim that this was the best one in the series, if not going so far to say that it was best filler post in the entire genera.



Now we just wait 31 years for the reboot of this blog post, where they have a popular young British actor portraying the main antagonist


I will see you guys next Monday


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