#359 Games from my Backlog for the month of April

Well it is April and just like the the waning and waxing of the moon it is time to choose few more games from my backlog to focus on playing throughout the new month.

Yesterday I spent my April fools day watching and rewatching the long-awaited update to Homestarrunner.com and marathoning through all of the best Homestarrand Strongbad skits, reliving some of my favorite early internet memories.

the new skit even came with unlockable content that you have to click around and wait for after long enough.

the new skit even came with unlockable content that you have to click around and wait for after long enough.

Although I forgot to update the little box on the right hand side of the site, Last month I played Super Mario 3D Land and Serious Sam 3: BFE (Be MOP #346).  I wrote about both of them in March, one in a positive light about how much fun I had with a new Mario game, while and breaking down what exactly I found enjoyable in the game (Be MOP #346). The other post shedding light on a major gaming character flaw of mine when it comes to playing First Person Shooter games that prevented me from playing past the first ten minutes of Serious Sam (Be MOP #352). Spring cleaning is just around the corner and I am going to need to keep an eye out on those special sea sickness prevention bands because I feel like bad that I could not even get out of the tutorial level.

This month I am going back to three games for my month quota, for the AAA title is the first Assassin’s Creed. I picked up this and the sequel on steam ages ago and it was one of the gaming series that I have been wanting to get through since the release of Assassin IV and no time is like the present to get started.

"No time like the present" eh heh time joke

“No time like the present” eh heh time joke



For the two token indie games I decided to go with a game that I have heard nothing but good thing around the internet, The Swapper a 2D platformer that centers around using clones of yourself to get through the stage’s puzzles. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams another 2d platformer that I heard is quite difficult to get through and as my long-standing relationship with Super Meat Boy, They Bleed Pixels, and Cloudberry Kingdom any game that advertise as being a super hard platforming game is almost guaranteed a on spot on my Steam library.


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