#356 Finally Finding Free Time to watch Free to Play

This weekend I found some time t0 sit down with popcorn and soda  to watch Valve’s recent documentary of the competitive side of Dota 2, Free to Play.

The few bit I will say about the documentary, coming from someone who is not  a film buff at all, is that it was a good film. As someone who had no experience with following the professional circuit of Dota 2 the filmmakers did it’s job of drawing me into the story, keeping up suspense on what will happen next in the tournament, and getting me emotionally invested in the people towards the end.

I do not know what makes a good documentary, but I can recognize a good film when I see one.

I do not know what makes a good documentary, but I can recognize a good film when I see one.


While watching it many thoughts several important things stood out at me while watching the film. First I liked the clever use of the document’s title and how Valve implemented the various DLC packs that features the various professional players the documentary focused on throughout the story.

It was also comforting that see the early history esports, how popular the idea of a professional gamer is in the rest of the world, although I understand that the depiction of how beloved esports are in Asia might a bit bias for the sake of the film.

More importantly it looks like this is another step towards validating the idea of professional videogame players to be considered athletes.

I mentioned before that Riot Games has been doing this with their TV segments by inviting those gamer to the commentary decks to deconstruct the previous match fight by fight and showing the behind the scenes segments of everyone’s favorite teams very similar to what Football and Basketball shows are doing. (Be MOP #276)

Just recently League teams and Tournament Coordinators putting money in their own PR YouTube videos but I wonder if this will become a norm to have these are done just to prove that these tournaments are legitimate sport to the rest of the world.

Either way I am glad that products like these videos had enough support to warrant the cost of production and editing for full length features and promotional shorts and I would not be surprised to see these video aired on proper T.V stations, or possibly seeing the birth of a TV channel all about e-sports.


I’m still holding out for the creation of an eESPN sister channel.



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