#347 The current RomCom status between me and the Arkham series

Welcome back Bat-fan, as you might have heard through your Bat-computer a new Arkham game, officially called Arkham Knight, was just recently announced along with a new yesterday. While there were not much to revealed the highlights are that the Arkham game is going to back to Rocksteady studios, we are going to see the return of some of the fan favorite villains, and the promise of a drivable batmoblie.

As much as I would love to hop on the Bat-hype train I am hesitant about the series after just playing Arkham Origins. If this was a Romantic Comedy movie, the Arkham series and I would have just experienced our the big conflict that sprang from a series of unfortunate events.

At the beginning Arkham and I met from a result of a chance encounter with Steam introducing me to Arkham Asylum, we hit it off right away and we had both had an amazing time together. Then next time we met Arkham just released Arkham City, and it showed me that it can much more deeper, entertaining, and fun than I first thought and I started to see myself actually loving the franchise.

Then things turned sour just before the third act, the Arkham series started to make mistakes by making some poor choices, Arkham started hanging out with some odd friends that was a bad influence on its future and then become a bit lazy in its development stage by just recycling its old material and only half-heartily adding new stuff to the mix. More importantly started to take me for granted, excepting me to always be there for it, eager to buy any and all DLC that it could think off.

That was kind of jerk move to do

That was kind of jerk move to do


Now it looks like the Arkham series realized its mistake and from what I have seen this is Arkham’s last-ditch attempt to win me back by going into full damage control. It is going back to its old, realizable buddy, Rocksteady, it look like trying to clean up its act for the next generation of gaming by adding few features about itself. I hope that it turns out for the best.

I am still do not trust it enough to commit to preordering the game and I am going to wait extra long and doing a proper amount of research about the product before buying and even then I will probability buy it when it is on sale.

Because for every two steps forward, it takes one step back. It looks like it is bringing back the core group of villains from Batman’s rogue gallery and they are bringing driveable batmobile to the table but in its pre-rendered debut trailer it already advertised a preorder bonus (read as: Day One DLC) of  Harley Quinn’s challenge maps.

If Arkham really wanted to prove that it loves me it would do so by NOT bringing back the deceased Joker for this game. In Arkham City, was huge shock at the end of the single player campaign it was bold and emotional and that last thing I want is for that event to be undermined just because the gaming executives wants him back for the sake of marketing and advertising.

 A true test of love is giving up the easy and lazy way (of writing comic books stories) for the sake of the person you care about....A lesson that I wish Marvel would practice with their Superior Spider-man series.

A true test of love is giving up the easy and lazy way (of writing comic books stories) for the sake of the person you care about….A lesson that I wish Marvel would practice with their Superior Spider-man series.


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