#345 The questions raised with pulling online support of last generation

The latest buzz around the internet was the announcement that Nintendo will be pulling their online play support for the Wii and DS and this bit of news was just followed by Sony’s decision to stop supplying Gran Turismo 5 dlc after the end of April.

With the start of the newest gaming generation, players and the console companies need to start talking about what we are going to do with all of the ownership of digital content from the last generation and with Microsoft’s and Sony’s eventual dropping the support of the Xbox 360 and PS3.

On one hand companies should be able to pull support from their older systems, it’s one part because of the cost to continue supplying the support over the years and because it is obsolete.

It's reason why we don't have Pikmin 1,2 & 3 on the n64.

It’s reason why we don’t have Pikmin 1,2 & 3 on the n64.


But on the other, and arguably more important hand, this gaming generation is completely different from previous generations with the introduction  and heavy emphases of DLC and games bought and delivered digitally by way of the Wii’s Virtual console, the Xbox Live Market, and the PlayStation Store. and what will  happen to all the digital games and content that we bought and downloaded in the next few years?

Do we have the right to demand these companies to keep a cost prohibited system open for use to buy and redownload these old games if we bought a new PS3/Xbox360/Wii at a gamestop or thrift shop to replace our broken down devices?

Looking back on the console companies made the major mistake of advertising as actually buying these digital games instead of leasing these titles, that is if they want to continue their constant DRM policy. I imagine they should have advertised as the Netflix of gaming, with account tied streaming television shows and only borrowing the movies disk for a limited  rather than being the DRM-free music store like iTunes and Amazon.

I know iTunes's movies and TVs are still in DRM lock down but you own those drm free music albums you bought though the site.

I know iTunes’s movies and TVs are still in DRM lock down but you do own any drm free music albums you bought through the site. 


I have a feeling that video games, being the one industry to have a relatively quick and sudden turnaround in devices  will have to be the first to answer the question about owning digital content for the rest of the world.

But I want to know what’s your opinion on the matter of games bought on the previous generation and the eventual ending of support? If you don’t like that idea what solution do you propose that is reasonable to both the paying consumer and the company that are trying to make a profit at the end of the day?

I am asking you these question not to get your opinions but because I am at a lost for answers myself. 


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