#335 My concerns with buying digital copies of Nintendo games

Last weekend I downloaded The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords to my 3DS from Nintendo’s impromptu free giveaway event and while I am still making my way through the third act of Kid Icarus right now, Four Swords is the next game I am going to play on my handheld. I am planning to only buy one game at a time on the 3DS to prevent creating an unmanageable backlog like my Steam Library.

After after I play through the digital edition of Four Swords I have my eyes set on Super Mario 3D Land game but for that game I thought I should buy this full game through Nintendo’s digital distribution online store. The reasoning for this choice is one part because online shops are the future but I also want to complete the trifecta Triforce of Nintendo’s intellectual property (Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon). Right now I am a bit hesitant about committing buying Nintendo games directly online. There is something about the classic Nintendo cartridge feel (with no DRM the cartridge allows me to pass along my old games to my younger brother) but I am also hesitant because I have been spoiled from Valve’s Steam treatment when it comes to digital distribution.

First off Nintendo does not seems to grasp the idea that if a title is available online it should be cheaper than the physical copy. The idea is that digital copies price should be slightly discounted since Nintendo does to not have to pay extra money towards the production of physical copies and the cost of shipping and hosting the physical product in the shop shelves. It’s just economics, and how Valve became really, really popular with the PC crowd.

But more importantly, my understanding the situation, the games I bought are linked to my Nintendo device instead of having the game title linked to my Nintendo ID account. Meaning that if I lose my 3DS or more likely if my handheld gets damaged I lose all of the digital games I would have bought with that device.

While I can live with myself paying full price for a digital copy the it’s the ability to lose my gaming collection that is a bit of a the deal breaker at this moment. Nintendo has stated that they are currently working on the solution, and as it stated before I want to buy games directly from Nintendo but I also want some assurance that I do not lose any of my products if something bad happens. Nintendo has always adopted a slow working ethics because they stated that if they are doing something right and I can not imagine how much user specific save file  data Nintendo servers would have to work with (especially at the various boxes of  Pokemons with special IV and EV stats for each player) in order to properly transfer to cloud servers and how much PR trouble it would cause them if there was a hiccup in the server transfers.

Until Nintendo announces the ability to store and remember the games files you already bought through the online store I am going to have to stick with physical copies for this handheld.

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