#334 Games from my Backlog for the month of February

February is here and you know what that means here at Be MOP, a new month means a new list of games from my ever-growing gaming backlog, usually one major AAA game I bought on an impulse from the season Steam Sales and a few indie games that I picked up from various Humble Bundle sales, that I dedicate the month to playing those specific games.

The January backlog list had Bit Trip 2, Cloudberry Kingdom, and Pokemon Y which surprisingly I played and wrote about all of them. See posts #322 for Bit Trip 2#330 for Cloudberry Kingdom #325 for Pokemon.

You can also thank Pokemon for the influx of Nintendo posts for this month

You can also thank Pokemon for the influx of Nintendo posts for this month….and Kid Icarus: Uprising for all future Nintendo posts


While all were good games out of all them Pokemon is going to be the one that I will be playing more after this month because with my quest to complete the Pokedex (currently at 96/76/45 for the various Kalos Pokedexes) it is now my go to filler game, to play in the background while I am watching movies or television.

A game that dethroned the Binding of Isaac game for that title.

A game that dethroned the Binding of Isaac game for that title.


For the new month the videogames I picked out are: Batman: Arkham Origins for the big publisher game, for my indie game I decided to go with Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Snapshot.

I bought Arkham Origins for the intention of playing it during the Winter/Christmas months but now that everything is hopefully going to be heating up in February I guess I can find something romantic about playing as Batman beating up the army of crooks in the alleys of  Gotham City.


Because there is no other possible romantic subplots between Batman and any of the main Rogues Gallery


P.S: To my readers out there you will be happy to know that when I bought Arkham Origins I stayed true to myself and I did not buy any of the DLC that came packaged with the game on day one. (Read Be MOP #280 for the full story)


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