#332 The Woes of Playing with StreetPass Games in a Small Town

I am happy to report that I am still playing my 3DS and I am still loving it and currently I am playing through the second half of Kid Icarus Uprising. As much as I am loving the first party AAA games but my current obsession of my is the Streetpass program and minigames that comes with the handheld right out of the box.

On top of the friends list/friends code system (of anyone is interested my friends code on the right hand side banner of the site) Streetpass allows you to collect and swap Mii avatars and basic information about yourself and which part of the world you come from with other 3DS owners passing by on the street.I wish I had a suitcase to put my 3DS in as I walk around

I wish I had a suitcase to put my 3DS in as I walk around

While there is a collectible 3D puzzle quest I am currently playing through Find Mii minigame, a game where your mii has been captured and you have to rely on the help of strangers you have met via StreetPass to Find your Mii.

The problem is that I can never find fellow 3DS players in my town. I have been making an effort to bring my 3DS out with me on my errands but I have not been getting much luck. I think the problem comes from how my town is built. Where I live there is no proper sit-down-and-chat style coffee shops and my town has no widely used public transport like buses or subways to interact with the other people. Even going out of my way to go to my local comic book shop, GameStop and Wal-Mart brought no rewards, netting me one or two Miis on a good run.

The only way I have been able to get through most of the Find Mii game has been relying on my 3DS playing younger brother who I see almost every night.

Fortunately Nintendo did plan ahead and had a way to hire NPC Miis to help you with the Find Mii game adventure and complete the other Streetpass games. While I am happy they added it, just is just something missing from the experience when you complete the task with a few hired mercenary  Miis instead of finding ‘real life’ Miis to complete the area.

But I guess that is what to expect when living in a small cozy town, rather than a big bustling city, this is all the more incentive to bring my 3DS out next time I have to take a trip down to Boston or another major city.

I wonder if anyone else out there is facing the same frustration with finding a spot to StreetPass with other 3DS users and if you do have that problem where are some of the places you go that has the highest chance of trading StreetPasses with strangers.

Leave a comment below I’m interested in your solutions to this problem.

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4 responses to “#332 The Woes of Playing with StreetPass Games in a Small Town

  1. Myself and my husband both have had issues finding people to StreetPass with. He more so than me with the new Zelda game. I get a fair amount since Animal Crossing New Leaf is the main game I use it for. The places we usually find people to StreetPass are video game stores, and a few Target and Best Buy stores but that is it it seems. I hope you find some more folks! 🙂

    • Yeah I have a few other places to go to this weekend and I’m hoping for the best there, but if not I guest I will hope to run into people at the Wal-mart or find a passing by car on the highway on my commute to work.

  2. I hear you. I have the same problem; I live in the middle of nowhere and have no one to street pass with!

    • I even spent a good part of my Saturday afternoon walking around my town’s outlet mall, on top of the local GameStops and Wal-mart. I didn’t get a single streetpass connection It was ridiculous.

      All I can say is thank Miyamoto for the implementation of the 3DS play coins for the Streetpass game. It was the only way that I could process through the Find Mii tower, getting me those sweet sweet hats

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