#329 The Price of being Advertised to (XB1M13)

One of the biggest gaming news this week was a leaked email of a secret deal that Machinima and Microsoft had with their YouTube partners. The deal was that the Youtube content providers would be given a bonus of three dollars per every one thousand viewers on their videos if the YouTuber;  mentions the Xbox One console by name, has no negative opinions about the Microsoft console or any of their games, has a 30 second clip of Xbox One gameplay and the tag, “XB1M13”.

While paying for YouTube celebrities, or any celebrities, is not new the uproar over this promotion was that in the deal no one could say that their Xbox One XB1M13 video was a sponsored video. Since we are talking about being advertised to I want to talk about a local gas station in my hometown.

There is this gas station in my hometown that sells gasoline somewhere between ten to twenty cents cheaper than any other station in the area. As you might expect, it was the most popular gas station in the area, with the only gas stop I ever see with a gas line.

This wonderful local gas station does come with a catch, to offset the drop in price, the moment you roll up in your car ads starts playing on the screen at the gasoline pump, sometimes the ads are for services and other are for products that are currently on sale inside the gas station mart.

While I do have very low tolerance for unnecessary ads I still go that particular gas station because

A.) I know I am being advertised to

B.) I get a discount from the product

The station makes up the financial loss by having the companies pay for screen space, making up the difference for the low gas price (which is my problem with Microsoft asking people to pay for their Xbox Live account and then putting dedicating places on the Xbox Live Dashboard to the most recent ads for games)

The problem I and many other people have with the Machinima and Microsoft was hidden by the public and trying to stealthily trying to inject opinions into the public. I would -and have- support other online people and productions when they came out and said this show was sponsored by another company and while I may discredit their opinions on the product that they sponsored I do respect the people enough be honest with me.

It seems that on top of this secret deal being illegal, it also cost them and the personalities that participated in this deal, a lot of respect and legitimacy in the online world.

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