#324 Those Exclusive Aesop Grapes

By loosely following my blog it would be no surprise if I said that I play almost exclusively on PC for my gaming adventures with a history of playing Nintendo games back when I was a child. Despite the wallet draining Steam Sales, the Humble Bundles promotions and the abilities to upgrade and customization my gaming machine any way I choose there are always a few console exclusive titles that will never play on my PC. For today’s post I would like this time to share with you my list of gaming grapes that I will never legitimately have in my Steam Library.

The first console game that I really want to play is Super Mario 3D World. I wrote about this title in ad nauseam for the past few weeks but from  all the Game of the Year titles and all the internet personalities commenting on how much fun they were having with the regular 8 worlds plus the tons of secret worlds it looks like one of the must haves for any Wii U games.

Last time I talk about it.....for a while

Last time I talk about it…..for a while


Sadly as much as I am longing for this game it’s not enough to justify going out and buying a band new console for this one game but depending who Brawl turns out that might change.

I call it the 'Pokemon effect' for consoles

Buying a console for a game that is not only good but agnostic, I call it the ‘Pokemon effect’


In a surprising events the rest of the games are not on the Nintendo console but instead its on the Sony’s PlayStation

The next game is the Journey on the Sony Playstation 3, its one part because of how amazing it looks but also because it is one of the few indie games that did not get a PC port, and that makes it all the more appealing.

it's like the siren's call, tempting me to jump ship.

it’s like the siren’s call, tempting me to jump ship.


The Last game on this list is the Kingdom Hearts trilogy for the Playstation systems. This was the bee’s knees with all of my highschool friends who had PlayStation 2s. While I am not a big Final Fantasy fan I am a fan of Disney movies and characters and the older I got the more I learned about Disney the lengths the company go through to maintain the picture perfect image of Mickey Mouse, the Disney Princesses, and everyone else that lives in the Disney theme parks from around the globe. A game where Mickey teams up with Final Fantasy characters to go into hand to hand combat with the forces of evil that is tangled convoluted JRPG plot is one of the main reason enough for me to play this game.

My hopes were raised when I learned that KH3 was going multiplatform, too bad the PC isn't one of those devices

My hopes were raised when I learned that KH3 was going multiplatform, too bad the PC isn’t one of those devices


While I have no plans right now, I might play these games yet if I have ever cave and purchase a Wii U or if I  stumble upon a couple of PlayStations at a yard sale or at a second-hand store. Until then I just have to deal with the fact that those games will always be just out of reach.

But I want to know what you guys think, are their gaming exclusives for consoles that you don’t own? If so what is it in the comments down below. I’m interested in hearing what games other people would like to play but can’t because they are only on a console that you don’t own.


For anyone confused about the title of this post, it was inspired by Aesop’s Fable, The Fox and the Grapes.


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2 responses to “#324 Those Exclusive Aesop Grapes

  1. silversun008

    I loved KH1 and KH2, but I don’t think I will be playing KH3 because I am assuming it will be on PS4. I don’t want to go out and buy a PS4 just to play it.

    • Well KH3 is going to be on both PS4 and XB1 so if you picked Microsoft this console generation you can still end the trilogy.

      If you don’t have either, well let me cordially invite you to the Kingdom HeartLESS group.

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