#311 Where are the Winter games?

Yesterday’s snowstorm following close by today’s cold snap has forced me to face the fact that the winter season is in full swing here in New England. As family tradition states that with the winter season I break out the winter sweaters, festive beverages, and Christmas music for the rest of the month.

The problem is that between the decorations around the house and the holiday events around the town I do not have any games that properly captures the winter season. Fall has the Halloween holiday to define that time of the year and with that there are a slew of horror and zombies to best compliment the season, so much so that Valve had their own Halloween sale offering huge discount with almost every game that had the word zombie in the title.


Sure we have the Winter Steam sales but those aren't winter themed games

Sure we have the Winter Steam sales but those aren’t winter themed games


I can not think of any games that I know of that capture the spirit of winter.  Off the top of my head the Batman Arkham City because of the entire game takes place in gothic city during the winter time and in a pinch you could argue Paper Please could fit into the winter category if you ever wanted to feel like you were living with your family in a harsh a communist country funded apartment without any free heating.

Living in a bedroom with no heating fits pretty well right now

talk about a cold game

I ask this because this is the first winter that I am not subscribed to World of Warcraft, so I can not relay on Blizzard’s Feast of Winter Veil event for my yearly fix for the winter season themed games.

I will miss looting the Stolen Present from the Abominable Greench

I will miss looting the Stolen Present from the Abominable Greench

So I am opening this to everyone, what are some of your go-to games to get into winter seasons when the it starts getting cold outside?

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  1. There’s a Loco Roco Christmas demo for PSP. I really like it. I also enjoyed the Christmas Jazz Jackrabbit games (1994, 1995, and 1998). Of course, MMOs usually do a Winter holiday event like you mentioned. I’m sure they all do. Animal Crossing can feel Wintery as can the Sims. There were Christmas versions of Lemmings in 1993 and 1994 too.

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