#309 Valve, Linux, and the Questions about the Future of PC gaming

Earlier this week everyone’s favorite gaming company came back into the news with the announcement that Valve has officially joined the Linux Foundation, an organization that promotes the growth of the open source Linux operating system since 2007.

If you have been paying attention to Valve’s actions since September this another step for the company to secure themselves in the Linux group and prepare themselves for the launch of their own Linux-based operating system, Steam OS, which is planned to released sometime next year.

coming out early 2014....maybe?

coming out early 2014….maybe?

After talking to some friends and few other bloggers about Valve’s project everyone seems to be split on what type of operating system Steam OS will be. I met some people who will claim that this will revolutionize the Desktop market with a free ,open sourced, operating system that will topple Microsoft’s hold on the market within a few short years.

Then I and a few others believes that the Steam OS will only be a trimmed down operating system very similar to the XB1 and PS4’s interface and will be successful for a niche demographic because of the lack of file support and other functions like you see in a Windows and Apple’s systems

We soon realized that how little the public actually knows about what Steam OS can do outside of booting up Steam and playing games more efficiently and these questions are currently preventing us actually predicting the future of this product.

We've seen how the new Steam Controller works by way of Valve's YouTube page, but not on how we can navigate through the OS

We’ve seen how the new Steam Controller works by way of Valve’s YouTube page, but not on how we can navigate through the OS

Even if Steam OS becomes a major hit and becomes as successful as Valve and everyone else who are following the product are hoping it to be it will only raises more questions about the future of other PC gaming companies. Unlike the big three console company’s group effort to push motion controls and multimedia features into the living room, Valve is the only big PC company that is pushing for Linux integration. While Valve was able to get NVIDIA to follow their footsteps we do not know how this will affect other AAA PC game companies, with a special focus on Riot’s League of Legends or any of the big games from Activision Blizzard.

I don't know know Riot could work in a Linux Penguin skin into their champion rooster

I don’t know Riot could work in a Linux Penguin skin into their champion rooster

For this Friday I would like to open these questions to you, Do you think Steam OS will be a fully functioning desktop operating system or will it be more like the other console operating system that limits the capabilities to just playing games?


no matter what you think the finished product of Steam OS will be, What are your predictions on how other standalone PC companies will react to Valve entering the Linux world for the sake of gaming,. Do you think that in a few years we will read announcements that League of Legends and World of Warcraft will be fully supported by Linux or do you think both companies are happy where they are with being just supporting Windows and Apple computers?’

Leave a comment down below, I would love to see what everyone else’s thoughts on this topic.

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