#304 The Presidential Console Cycle

Boom! It has been a full weekend since Microsoft’s Xbox One went live and both consoles came out of the base swinging with the announcement that the PS4 and XBox One sold a million products within their first 24 hours (I do wonder what is the percent of PS360 players that bought new consoles on day and did the percent increase since last generation).

I was going to do a prediction on who will win but all the research I have done everyone else said the same thing. Unless the XBox One  releases a Deux Machina patch that doubles the resolution of all of their games Sony has secured the upper hand in marketing and multi-platforms titles.

This is the first time I have been following the lead up and launch of new consoles and looking back on the entire saga reminds me a lot of the United States Presidential election cycle. If you follow me on this blog, on Twitter, or in real life it is not hard to notice that I love talking about politics and I have almost no problem connecting everything to politics in one way or another.

 Hey its a way to validate my four years in college to earn my BA in Political Science.

That’s right I’m kicking off this Monday with another political/gaming blog post. But hey it’s a way to validate the four years it took me to earn my degree in Political Science.

Each side, Microsoft and Sony, starts months or years in advance getting to work behind the scenes crafting the concept of their newest candidate that is supposed to appeal to everyone. With the lead up to the official announcement there are some juicy leaks and rumors while everyone and their dog starts throwing around their speculations of the new products and the current base starts getting hyped again for some new blood and innovation and what it means for the future after it is all said and done.

This goes on for a few months, and even if all of our guesses are right we still have to wait until the official ceremony with the press and viewers a like are invited to tune in as the announcement of the new candidate is made.

If you pay attention the PS4/XB1 reveal were almost the same as the democrats and republican nomination ceremony. Picture from The New York Times

If you pay attention the PS4/XB1 reveal were almost the same as the Democrats and Republican nomination ceremony.
Picture from The New York Times

Then in the final stretch to the big day, that will decide who will win, the two sides pulls out the big guns; the major press releases about each one’s policies, the marketing money, and the ad space on the important TV channels and websites all for the one purpose of showing off the product in the best light and swaying the vital few who are on the fence this time around while doing everything in the company’s power to get the third-party companies to support them post launch. All the while the fanboys on both sides tear each other apart on the internet forums with logical fallacies.

Birthers. XBONE. PS4 has no games. seeing Russia from my house. 47%

Birthers. XBONE. PS4 has no games. Seeing Russia from my house. 47% ect.

The main difference between an US political election and the next generation console war is that both parties in the console war gets to have their product win. After the launch both Microsoft and Sony then enter a friendly Cold War while the rest of us comes to terms with the unfilled promises from the campaign.

yeah tell me that they did it for the gamer not for the companies

Tell me with a straight face that they didn’t tweet this for the free PR from the press and not for the other company

P.S Lest I forget in this comparison the Nintendo Wii U is like the winner of the local elections, the only place where real innovation and change happens without the threat of big money and market testers watering it down. And the PC is like the Illuminati as in it is as old as dirt, longest lasting party, and does everything the main two consoles can do but better all the while pulling all the strings in the industry.

Everyone laughed at the Nintendo's past two consoles but who's laughing now? Not the people who now have to hook up their Kinects and out this Fridays buying vistas for their PS4 dual screen mechanics

Everyone laughed at the Nintendo’s past two consoles but who’s laughing now? Not the people who now have to hook up their Kinects to their TVs and going out this Fridays to buy Vitas for their PS4 dual screen gameplay mechanics

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