#298 The Storm (of Heroes) is Coming

BlizzCon 2013 has come and gone bringing a slew of new information about all their Intellectual property from Diablo to Hearthstone. While the story of  World of Warcraft’s next expansion is cool and interesting there was nothing there gameplay wise to convict me to resubscribe.

I would be a pain renaming this blog Be DOW

Plus it would be a pain renaming this blog to Be WOD

What did catch my eye was the cinematic and gameplay of Blizzard’s long awaited Action Real Time Strategy game, Heroes of the Storms. I have made no small attempt to hide the fact that this has have been the one Blizzard game that I am eagerly looking forward to ever since it was announced at Blizzcon 2010 under the name Blizzard DOTA.

I remember hearing about Blizzard Dota like it was yesterday

I remember hearing about Blizzard DOTA like it was yesterday

But In order for a new game like this to succeed in the surprisingly fast growing A.R.T.S/MOBA market Heroes of the Storm needs to bring a unique twist that is unlike any other MOBA games that currently online. From what I have read Blizzard has a bunch of different gameplay features it’s bringing to the party:

  • Shared experience between all players on your team
  • Gaining experience in death
  • The exclusion of  gold and purchasable items and the doing away with last hitting minions in lane
  • The introduction of mounts for champions

Thanks to Ongamers.com for proving the information about H.o.t.S from their hands on experience with the game

I am by no means an A.R.T.S (or MOBA) expert but to me it looks like Blizzard is trying to make Heroes of the Storm matches shorter than League or Dota 2’s matches while ruling out the option for one team to play aggressive in the early game and just snowball all the way to victory.

Blizzard has stated that this is not just another ARTS/MOBA but a challenger to the genre but they have a steep challenge facing the company not only trying to overthrow Riot position as top game while trying to convince the gaming public that it is a different (and better) game than anything else out there.

HotS could work and coexist with the other MOBAs because of its differences, just like to how Football and Rugby are both similar sports but the minor differences are what makes them stand out. Or Blizzard’s project (and any other MOBA game that fails to differentiate itself from the crowd) could follow the same fate that the XFL had when it tried to challenge the NFL in 2001.

There's a reason you don't remember the XFL. Also I believe I earn an achievement for connecting MOBA matches to football and rugby

There’s a reason why you don’t remember the XFL.

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