#297 Becoming the thing I feared from the Scream Fortress event

This weekend marks the end of Team Fortress 2’s Scream Fortress Halloween Special. Out of all the scary addition to the game for this two weeks was not the return of seasonal bosses or the addition of a new re-skinned map but it was most terrifying thing out of entire event was the erosion of my stance on hats in TF2.

A few months ago I wrote about how I disagreed with Valve’s choice to introduce so many cosmetic items that did not fit into the TF2 atmosphere of an American battlefield of the 50’s and 60’s so I swore not to equip any of those items as a form of personal protest. (Be MOP #254) Between then and now I was doing such a good job avoiding those immersion breaking items but this week, with the introduction of  over 100 new items found in the Halloween gift boxes, challenged that.

It first started with the Fancy Spellbook, the newest seasonal items you can collect from winning a game of Helltower. I and while it did show up on the character model, I still equipped it because the item was needed to utilize the spell throwing mechanic in the new Helltower map and  in a pinch still could have been set in the TF2 time period.

As I kept playing the Helltower map I kept collecting more and more the Holiday Gifts that spawned around the map and that was when I found Burny’s Boney Bonnet.


so it begins….


Against my better judgement I equipped it with the rational that I only played the Pyro class in the Helltower but because the hat could only be worn during the Halloween season (and for some reason and during the full moon) and I wanted to get into the Halloween spirit for this event.

After that I kept collecting more Holiday Gift boxes and one thing lead to another until I got to a point where I could no longer recognize myself when I went to the character select screen

whats not shown is the heavy, a class I dont play in helltower map rocking a bird head

what’s not shown is the heavy, a class I don’t play in Helltower map, rocking a bird head


It was at this moment, with all the cosmetic slots filled, even though it was only seasonal items, I arrived at rock bottom. I need time to get away from this game for a while.

Last time I wrote about TF2  I said how this event prevented me from getting to Valve’s other first person shooter game that I actually paid for, Counter Strike (Be MOP #293). Well it looks like this event also acted as the wake up call for me. That is why for the rest of this month I am going to swear off Team Fortress 2 and focus more on the less customizable, CS:GO for my need for military-esque game.

and to prove my point:

That's right going cold turky

That’s right going cold turkey


I’m think I’ll be playing Counter Strike for a good long while because it’s not like TF2 has another major holiday event coming up in a few months right?…Right?


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