#294 Games from my Backlog for the month of November

Halloween night has come and gone and the incredibly discounted Halloween candy at the grocery store marks the beginning of new month and that means it is time to tackle another handful of games from my backlog. Last month I set my sights on three Halloween-themed games with amazing success.

They Bleed Pixels is a perplexing g pixel perfect precision platformer that has it’s setting ripped right out of the mind of H.P Lovecraft and it is pure evil. If you want to know how evil this game is, after you spend the first few stages getting the hang of the jumping and combat controls, the game throws a curve ball by dropping you into an ice stage level that renders most of your attacks useless and you can never come to a full stop most of the stage. Still a great game for those, like me, who finds fun in raising their blood pressure a few notches during their recreational times.

This level was so difficult that it made the next zone a breeze....by comparison

Im not surpsing anyone when I say that I did not finish this game


Hey Fun Fact: Did you know that HP Lovecraft created the location Arkham for one of his short stories and that was the inspiration for naming Gotham’s penitentiary for the criminally insane?

That bit of trivia segways us nicely into another game I played for October, Batman: Arkham City. I talked about it in previous post that while the game was as good as I remembered, the entire experience was ruined a bit by some GFWL mix up that stopped me from downloading the downloadable content I paid for.

A few days after I published my post I learned that when both Arkham games moved away from the GFWL service all the save files were deleted in the transition, leaving everyone with empty game slots. Then someone at either Microsoft or Valve decided to send everyone who bought Arkham City a free upgrade to Game of the Year edition that includes every DLC for the game on the Steam servers (they also did it for anyone who bought the basic version of Arkham Asylum. Even with a guarantee of the DLC packs in the game, I am still not motivated enough to replay Arkham City for a third time, I would only play it again if the GOTY edition had….




My last game was the indie game, Mark of the Ninja. A great 2D stealth game that has you try to sneak past armed security guards without being detected or caught. I am going to talk more about this later in the month but one of the cool thing about I want to point out in this game was that it had a unique twist of tying the moral choice game mechanic back into the plot.

Although when I played I tend to go more towards the stabbing and killing ninja play style rather than the good no-kill option.

Although when I played I tend to go more towards the stabbing and killing ninja play style rather than the good no-kill option.


But now it’s time to focus on my next three games this month, after finding so much entertainment from the previous two stealth games first on the chopping block is the AAA game, Dishonored, by Bethesda.

Expect a big long post about moral choice in gaming soon.

Expect a big long post about moral choice in Dishonored and in gaming soon.

The game is the Sam & Max The Devil’s Playhouse  game from Telltale games. With all the talk about their latest Werewolf game and the trailer of the second season of The Walking Dead game I have been itching to play another point and click adventure by Telltale.

because I have grown fond of the comedy from Sam and Max from telltales two Poker Nights games

because why pay for a new game when I have this one raring to go

My last game for November is an indie game that I discovered when I attended this year’s Boston FIG event. The game is simply called Neocolonialism, it is set to launch next week and it is one of the few games I instantly preordered after reading the quick summary of the game on its website:

Neocolonialism is a Marxist strategy game for 1-6 players. Your goal is to extract as much wealth from the world as possible in 12 turns. You will buy government votes, make free trade agreements, manipulate the IMF, extract wealth, and ruin everything. Also, the map is upside-down.

Oh I am so on board with this game

Oh I am so on board with this game it is not even funny


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