#290 Who’s going to PAX East? -2014 Edition-

Today the people at Penny Arcade started selling tickets to their 2014 PAX East event and I was able to secure my day pass for the fourth year running.


pax east black

The best part of maintaining a blog for over a year is that I can shamelessly reuse topical post titles from this time last year.


For those who do not know, PAX East is a three-day extravaganza in Boston that is focused on every and all things about videogames, an expo hall filled of booths of the most popular gaming companies (while still having a hall dedicated to the indie games), gaming celebrities and developers, and a range of insightful panels from designing the levels in your own videogames to discussions about the politics and history of the gaming world.

Not only was there a room full of achient arcade games but there was also a seminar about the those machines

Not only was there a room full of ancient arcade games but there was also a seminar about the history of those machines


On top of all of the official events during the day there are also it is also an amazing opportunity to socialize with other videogame players and bloggers that you might not have been able to meet any other time of the year (outside of Boston FIG)

Words can not describe how wonderful my past experiences have been with this expo and if you are in the greater Boston area on the second week of April I urge you to try to grab one of the day passes. While $40 a day pass my seem a bit steep,  the free giveaways and the whole experience is well worth the price.


It leads me back to my main question, who else is going to PAX East?


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