#287 My Adventures and Disappointment with Bat-DLC

Last night I am happy to report that I can cross off one of the games from my October Steam Backlog list. In the dead of the night I powered through the last bit of the story campaign of Batman: Arkham City. I could spend hours talking (or writing) about how Rocksteady perfectly captured the atmosphere of Gotham,  handling the game’s plot, or the various nods to the lessor known Batman characters. It is one of the new games where I found no major faults with the entire experience, that is until I had to enable the DLC packs.

I just finished rewatching Batman:  Mask of the Phantasm to prepare myself to play as the Batman that talks and dresses like the early 90's cartoon

I even rewatched Batman: Mask of the Phantasm to properly prepare myself to play as the Dark Knight that talks and dresses like the early 90’s Saturday morning cartoon

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, the reason a game, I already played, is on my backlog was to get through the multiple downloadable content which I did not get to the first time around.

Those who played the Arkham games knows that the franchise is currently linked to Games for Window’s Live, Microsoft’s answer to the rise in popularity of online videogame stores which Windows has decided to stop supporting two months ago and being put to rest in May 2014. 

I know a lot of people who give the GFWL service a bad rap but I never had an opinion on it because it never stopped me from enjoying the two Arkham games. That was until last night when I tried to activate the long-awaited DLC keys that I bought on Steam that needs to be enabled through the Microsoft service. 

I could not access the map challenges DLC in my first play though because I ignored the Windows live log in prompt at the start of the game meaning the completed game was not recognized my Windows Live which looking back is as much my fault as anyone else.

So learning my lesson this time I used the Windows Live account I used for first Arkham game to beat the game again and when it came to enter the handful of codes to play as Batman’s currently living boy wonders I received this error message:

just like this

just like this

After a bit of searching on the forums I learned that I need to make an official Microsoft account on their website to open the content which is a bit of a round about process since I needed to be logged in to my Steam account to download and play the main game but I was making some headway.

It seems like lady luck was not on my side because after logging into my official Microsoft gamer account I tried to enter the Arkham City bundle keys I received this new error:

for all three codes. Which can't be right because only I have access to the keys..

after a bit of tinkering I was then greeted with….

this error code for for all thecodes

this error code for all the codes


If it was not enough that I could not access the content I paid for, it appears that logging onto a new account also mean I can not copy over my other, completed, game file from the first Windows Live account

*taken last night

leaving me with four new blank files

At this point I decided to throw in the towel and give up on my quest to play any of the DLC. There is no guarantee that replaying through the game for the third time, on this account would give me access to the Harley Quinn DLC story that teases a bit of closure to her character after the game.

And it is a shame because the game’s one flaw is about something outside of the game. Because someone decided to place an entry barrier the PC DLC on one gaming profile account, regardless on where the player might have bought it from, with unclear instructions and execution left me confused and annoyed walking away from the game.

which does not bode well after just talking about Arkham Origin's season pass

which does not bode well for my opinion on DLC after just talking about Arkham Origin’s season pass

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