#282 Keeping an eye on the Wii U

It has been a week since the official and final announcement of Valve’s Steam Machine and with that we are now on the edge of the next generation of consoles for the television room with the launching of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 at the end of this year and Steam Machine launch sometime in 2014.

This is the first time that I am old enough and aware enough to follow the press release in the lead up to the launch. As a PC gamer I could careless about the two big consoles because PC has been pulling ahead in stats and specs. From the title of this post you can guess that is another console that I have been keeping my eye on, that I have not talked too much about on this blog, is the Wii U.

The Wii U seems to be the youngest child in the gaming family

The Wii U seems to be the youngest child in the gaming family and most easily forgotten.

Nintendo has always been an interesting company to watch unfold, it  a company that has been every content doing their own thing despite what their competition are doing.

Whether it is to initially entering the living room, creating and supporting  an 8 bit handheld device for 12 years, not changing the Pokemon or Mario  formula, or trading the option to upgrade their next devices with the most up to date hardware for the introduction a dual screen and motion controls.

if you want to learn more read Super Mario its all  about how analyzing what Nintendo has done and why they did it.

if you want to learn more about Nintendo’s business practice and why they do it read Super Mario by Jeff Ryan


Sometimes those decisions helped Nintendo, just look at the Wii sales, and other times it backfires on them, like Nintendo’s decision to release the Wii U without a solid gaming launch titles.

This is something that Nintendo is starting to rectify by producing  more 1st party games for the Wii U

This is something that Nintendo is starting to rectify by producing more 1st party games for the Wii U

But despite the less than exciting launch title and confusing name for the new gaming console this will be the console I would still buy for my T.V room if I could. Because the Wii U and the 3DS are the only gaming devices that brings something new to the gaming table, besides better graphics, and more importantly the Wii U does the one thing that a good gaming PC can not provide, providing proper local multiplayer games.

While Microsoft and Sony have moved away from local multiplayer in favor of a focusin more on online play Nintendo has still been making games with four player support.

If I am entertaining guests in my own home I want a game console that has games that provides entertainment for everyone in the room and that is  where games like Mario games like Mario Party and Mario Kart shines. Because that is, in my opinion, what a  console is supposed to be a source of entertainment that multiple people can enjoy and it looks exactly what the newest Super Mario 3D game is supposed to be.

Besides from what I have seen, The Wonderful 101 might be the only game that might fulfill my need for an amazing -and playable-Power Rangers game. I just hope the Wii U gets a second wind before the competition gain any more ground.


But I want to know what you think, What do you think about the Wii U? What console are you excited for in the next generation and what gaming console do you have now?


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One response to “#282 Keeping an eye on the Wii U

  1. silversun008

    For the first time ever, I am not excited about any new consoles. I used to love console gaming, but can’t be bothered to do it anymore.

    I only have a 3DS now, which I love.

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