#275 Blizzard Backing off from their Auction House

Yesterday Blizzard dropped the bombshell that the company will be phasing out both the Real Money Auction House AND the in-game Gold Auction House at the beginning of 2014.

Ouch, announced by way of a "Dear John" email.

Ouch, announced by way of a “Dear John” email.

This announcement came as a bit of a surprise to me because the auction house was the biggest and newest edition to the third Diablo installment and was the go to reason for Blizzard to justify the always on-line DRM that was also added in the game.

While I have not played Diablo III ever since I finished my first play through of the story campaign  (not because of anything wrong with the game itself, I just can’t find entertainment in replaying a game, but that is a blog post for another time) I have talked to proper Diablo fans and one of their major complaints with Diablo III was the Diablo Auction house changed how players obtained and viewed gear and weapons dropped during their dungeon runs.

Over all the web I am hearing that ending of the Auction House is considered a major win for the Diablo community by the fans but I am curious on what was the behind the major change in gaming direction.

My best guest is that Blizzard is letting the Auction House project time out because of the combination of the complaints from  the PC player base from day one and the critically acclaimed change to leave out the player run action house on the console edition of Diablo III, which I always thought it was because Blizzard did not want deal with the two companies online subscription fees.

But my own tin foil hat theory is that Blizzard is pulling the plug in-part because they can not risk another unexpected gold duping glitch that crippled the gamer economy for a few weeks. (The whole event can be read in Be MOP #222 where I also asked if Blizzard should consider regulating the gold economy as a response to the economic disaster)


But I want to know what you think, what was your initial reaction to the announcement of an Auction House in Diablo III? What do you think about Blizzard ending this project? and What do you think this will affect the game as it is preparing for its first expansion pack?


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3 responses to “#275 Blizzard Backing off from their Auction House

  1. silversun008

    It’s about time.

    • I take it that you are not a fan. Did you not like it on principle or how it was implemented in the game?

      • silversun008

        Well I loved D3, but the auction house killed it for me because you pretty much had no choice but to buy gear off the AH at a certain point. When I reached this point, I had no idea how to continue, so I quit.

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