#272 My Policy on Preordering Games

If you go out and actively buy videogames sooner or later you start to develop you own personal policy on the various type of purchases you can make when electing a game, whether it on paying full price, the different types of DLC, or shelling out a bit more for the collector’s edition of games.

A few days ago this  picture was circulating about the internet about Rockstar’s newest game, Grand Theft Auto V, and how hey were able to make back all of their budget with just the preorders.

I couldn't find a credible fact about this being true or not.

I couldn’t find a second credible fact to back this claim up so it might have just been the result of someone lying on the internet.


With that I would like to talk about preorders and my take on it by standing on my own soap box.

While preorders has its beginning and roots in physical copies of games, back when game companies could not accurately predict the demand of a new game and poorer distribution methods of the game preorders were necessary for players who wanted to make sure they got their game on day one.

**If I majored in Economics I could go off on a lecture about how preorders were created to combat the Scarcity Economy in the world of consoles and PC discs**

With more accurate planning and day-one digital downloads (read as Steam, GoG and Origin) the initial purpose of preordering has become obsolete, even a Gamestop in the smallest town will have spare copies of even the biggest AAA games of the year.

In recent years the idea of preordering has changed from guaranteeing a copy of the game of the first wave and moved towards a marketing ploy, companies are offering bonus content or cosmetic goods that are exclusive to those who preorders.

Bonuses in game like this or in form of hats in TF2.

Bonuses in-game like this or in form of hats in TF2.


That’s all find a good the problem occurs when the game companies pushes preorder bonuses too far while knowing that the finished project is subpar.



Because of how gaming companies changed the implication of preorders and after reading those rotten stories I have stayed away from ordering any preorders of game or DLC. 

A while ago I would not pre ordering games because I was a poor college student  that could not afford games that were not on sale but now that I am out of college and have a bit more money I still follow the same rule.

Since I play most of my games through Steam or PC with product keys that could -theoretically- be generated an infinite about of times, I have become a big fan of waiting and seeing how the game is received by critics and others who bought it on the first day.


Although that hasnt stopped me from only buying the games that received the highest of review scores

Although that hasn’t stopped me from only buying the games that received the highest of review scores or believing that fun can only be had from games that scores of 85% or up.


But that is just my opinion, I want to want to know what you think. What’s your take on pre-orders, do you take buy preorders of games or DLC? and if you do are you a PC or console gaming?


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