#262 The Allure of Indie Games

I have some great news today, last week I actually stayed true to my schedule and completed a game my August backlog! The title was Telltale’s The Walking Dead while I will not spoil anything for the ones who hasn’t played through all of it, but that game was one of the very few games that left me speechless once everything was said and done.

Whoa, just whoa.......

Whoa, just whoa…….

With those Walkers and Quick Time Events out-of-the-way I now turn my attention to the next game on my list, Dust: an Elysian Tail, and hopefully I can finished the main story soon so that I can play a bit of Borderlands 2 before this month comes to a close.

I mentioned on this site before that I have a special place in my heart for indie games, but I never could put my finger on why I liked them until I experienced a (very) late night epiphany. For me, the reason why I prefer playing the small indie games to AAA games is because when an indie team wants to make a game, either because it’s the developer’s interest or restraints on resources, they tend to only focus on one type of gameplay, but when they do those developers polish that one aspect until it shines.

Just look at  Super Meat Boy for example, Team Meat focused on precision platforming over story or graphics and they delivered the best collection level designs and character controls I have ever seen.

When I say 'the best levels' I mean the best to raise your blood pressure.

When I say ‘the best levels’ I mean the best to raise your blood pressure.

Thomas was Alone focused on delivering the best story they could create with the best voice actor they had, Limbo gave its audience the best way to ruin any good feelings they might have had going into the game and Dust: an Elysian Tail has some of the smoothest two button hack&slash castlevania-style 2D combat.

And The Bastion must have set their sights on making the best game ever because that videogame succeeded in delivering expectation shattering  musical score, combat, story and lore.

Another game that left me speechless when I finished. the third game was Limbo.

Another game that left me speechless when I finished. The third game was Limbo.


I’m talking about indie games because I want to give one last shout out the second annual Boston Festival of Indie Games is just around the corner (September 14th) and I wanted to make sure that this event gets its fair share of public exposure for any interested gamers in the Boston/New England area, admission is free and there will be plenty of new indie games showcased the event.

boston FIG

also I’m arising awareness because east coast videogame events are few and far between. 


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2 responses to “#262 The Allure of Indie Games

  1. digitaltempest

    I am just now really getting into more indie games, and I’ve been enjoying them much more than some of the big titles. I think I have Bastion to thank for that. If we don’t count a few web games here and there, Bastion was the first indie game that I’ve played through. I enjoyed it so much that I started seeking out other indie titles to try. I’m close to finishing up The Walking Dead, which I didn’t expect to be as good as it has been so far. Not because it’s an indie game, but because zombies are everywhere and in everything (and I say this as a fan of zombies). Thomas Was Alone is another I am playing, and just like with TWDG I’m surprised at how much I have been enjoying it. I haven’t tried Super Meat Boy. I’ve been on the fence about buying it, but maybe I’ll go ahead and take the jump on it.

    • Super Meat Boy is only good if you have an UBS connected controller (per request of the game upon start up) I would only really recommend buying it at full price if you love truly unforgiving games and difficult platforms levels. If are not a fan of either of those I suggest to buy it when it goes on 75% off during the Winter Steam Sale event, when it is at about three dollars. Its also a great game if you want to see a how a game teaches you game mechanics without any tutorials.

      And just wait with the Walking Dead, it gets really juicy at the end of chapter 4 going into chapter 5.

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