#258 Booking a time to tackle my backlog

One of the joys of having a full-time job is that I can now buy more videogames than I have traditionally bought in previous years. As one could see from how much I spent during this year’s Steam Summer Sale. But the cruel, cruel fact of life is that with the job comes less time to actually play the games that you bought with that extra money.

It's like some crazy plot of the Twilight Zone for 20+ college grads

It’s like some crazy plot of the Twilight Zone for 20+ college grads

And when I do have some free time to play it seems that I always get stuck in a trap of playing a match of League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, or Binding of Isaac because I view those games as quick warm up games. The problem occurs that before I know it my night is spent and the games I meant to play that night gathers virtual dust in my library.

 Its the only time sink that raises your blood pressure.

It’s the only time sink that raises your blood pressure at the same time

I only recently receive the wake up call a few weeks ago on a trip back from a book store and I was having a conversation with my mom about her excessive book buying habits. When phrases like, “I bought it because it was on sale”, “I paid more because it had a nicer cover”, and “I read the summary and it looked really interesting but after I bought I found out that I had to time to go through it.” were indistinguishable between her and my reasoning to buy another installment to our personal library I knew I had a problem.

The only up side is that my collection doesn't take up physical space.

The only up side is that my collection doesn’t take up physical space.

Well no more I say! I am putting an end to this madness now I am making a commitment of actually making some progress in my massive Steam backlog. There are some AAA games with full DLC that I own that are not even installed yet.

There are so many good games that I need to get through and taking a leaf out of Casual Aggro‘s book I am going to commit myself to a schedule try to get through four or three games a month. Each month I am going to try to get though one AAA game and two or three indie games because looking at my library that seems to be the demographic makeup.

For August I am going to turn my gaming focus on three games that I am going to complete the games; Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead, and Dust: an Elysian Tail. To give myself motivation and I am going to add a monthly list of games I need to play on the right hand side of this blog so that I will have to see it everyday.

With this project I am hopefully trying to get some value from the games I already have already paid for and get to use this project as inspiration for future Be MOP posts, because I am getting a bit tired of writing about Team Fortress 2.

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3 responses to “#258 Booking a time to tackle my backlog

  1. Thanks for the mention, man! Yeah, as far as how we’ve been digging these holes, I can only guess it’s just that we’ve fallen prey to basic consumer psychology. It’s seems much easier to just create the schedule to play the games themselves than actually fight the compulsion to buy them. 🙂

    • I agree, it is extremely difficult to stop buying games especially when there people at Steam and Humble Bundle constnatly offer such great deals on games.

      There needs to be a support group for gamers like us.

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