#256 The Fundraising Wonder that is the Humble Bundle

Well another humble Bundle is now live on the main Humble Bundle website, this time the pack is called “The Humble Deep Silver Bundle” with a whole bunch of high quality games including; Risen 2: Dark Waters, Sacred 2 Gold, and Saints Row 2 & The Third. Just as before it pay want you want and you can choose to donate your money to the Child’s Play Charity and the American Red Cross, to the developers or to the people running the website.

sadly this is only for Windows and Steam users

sadly this bundle is only for Windows and Steam users

While I have talked about the good work that the Humble Bundle brings to the table many, many times before on this site Inever really talked about why Humble Bundle is amazing, from the fundraising side of things.

In the past I used to be involved with raising money for different groups of people, weather that be for my college when I was a student or for the various political elections in my home state. It goes without saying  that asked for money from people, especially financially strapped students, was like pulling teeth (I should know I was one of them) but back when I was in college and even now the people at the Humble Bundle have done an amazing job of not only persuading me to give them my money, no matter what the games that were included in the Humble Bundle, but they encouraged me to give away more that I might have originally plan to donate.

That is because the people running the website realized that they can reap huge rewards by calling upon us to be active for a good cause, to reward us for our troubles, and provide us an incentive to give more money and give it sooner rather than later.

The Humble part always shines when with every bundle you have a choice to send your money to the well  established charities of the day, to the game developers themselves, or to the Bundle website as at tip and thanks for hosting the website servers and paying for the bandwidth for this event.

Better than the  giving to the "ol' bottemless pit of money'"

Better than the giving your donations to the “ol’ bottomless hole of money'”

On top of that you will always get something for donating no matter how much you are able to afford, they advertise that even if you spend one penny or one dollar you can still walk away with some impressive games for your library. A lot of fundraising programs just do not get that idea that people want something, a reward, for donating to their cause. I can not count the number of emails I received from fundraising groups that ask for money with little incentive to act besides the incentive to donate money. The people at Humble Bundle were brilliant to lower the fundraising bar so low so that literally anyone can participate in the fundraising, but the truly amazing thing is what happens after you decide to commit to the idea of donating your money to them.

The Pièce de résistance to every Humble Bundle event is the challenge present to everyone to donate even more than what you might originally plan to give. When I first heard about the Humble Bundle I was planning to just spending the one dollar to get the basic bundle’s Steam keys but after seeing the bonus games above the pay-wall I was motivated to donate above the average more to snag the extra games and I haven been beating the average for every bundle since then

this time it comes in the form of Dead Island and all the DLC for SR3 and Dead Island Riptide if you pay $25+

this time it comes in the form of Dead Island and all the DLC for SR3 and Dead Island Riptide if you pay $25+

The constantly updating average price and the ticking clock at the top offers just the right about the pressure to push people who might be on the fence about the game bundle (like I was this time around) to purchase it sooner rather than later so on the off-chance that they would commit to it  and have to pay more to beat the new average.

At the time of writing I probably saved $.04 from buying the bundle last week rather than at the time of writing but it was still a major motivating factor in purchasing power, just look at the lengths people go to save some money on gas or groceries. 

This trend of offering rewards to the all the donors and offering more gifts for bigger donations is starting to gather more steam in the geek and video game culture, just look at the success of Kickstarter and the lesser known Cookie Brigade that appears at every Pax convention that I attended

This new way of fundraising is much more effective compared to the traditionally fundraising way of asking of asking for $5 or more from everyone and hoping that either enough people participate or a wealthy enough individual will empty their wallet so that they can met their planned goal. I do hope that people outside of the internet industry takes notice of the massive success that the Humble Bundle and Kickstarter people are getting and try to mimic it in the real world. 

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