#255 Revisiting Rapture

2k has relieved the plot of the three new, and much-anticipated,  Downloadable Content for Bioshock Infinite earlier this week.

The first bit of content, out right now for all system for the price of $4.99, is Clash in the Clouds that focuses on the combat from Bioshock Infinite where you will be placed in an arena and be forced to fight against waves and waves of enemies that you faced throughout the story campaign in the whole new set of maps and offers a bit more lore of the city of Columbia and back story on the Lutece twins.

But the really interesting announcement was that the rest of the Bioshock DLC will be called Burial at Sea that will bring the players back to  Rapture where you get to play as both Booker and Elizabeth in the two-part story.


The two DLCs will be priced at $15 each

The two DLCs will be priced at $15 each


No surprises here, but like most players the I am more excited to return to the 1960’s and see Rapture in its prime and judging from the date on Booker’s desk, the two-part  DLC will take place the on the night of the revolution that brought the city to its knees before you arrive in the first Bioshock game.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Rapture was my favorite out of the two cities in the series because how it and the first game was built. The whole city was based on the on an extreme economical way of thinking, with a completely privatized economy with no government intervention that wanted severed ties from the rest of the world and the main drive of the city was the all mighty dollar.

The reason for the city’s collapse what with no regulation the was a major class divide between the rich and the poor and the introduction of the unregulated substance, Adam, into the market place was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

But story wasn’t the focus of the game’s main plot, you were left alone to figure why everything in Rapture went belly up and then form your own opinions on the matter by exploring the areas and paying attention to the audio-dairies.


Pure capitalism is all fine and good until someone finds a way to cheat the system

It’s like playing a college level Political science course 

While Columbia, on the other hand, had a cool theme going for it by having ultra-religious manifest destiny outlook on life and foreign policy with them floating up in the clouds, above the world. My (mind you minor) gripe I had with Bioshock Infinite was that the game goes out of its way to point out how the city collectively treated the minorities made it really clear from the get go that you were not supposed to like the city and Comstock.

That’s just my two bits as a Political junkie, right now I am holding out for the two-part DLC to go more in dept of Rapture’s social/political pressures that were placed on the lower class by rich under the sea and also for the chance that we get to witness the catalyst that started the revolution against Ryan and hopefully we will not be the cause of it, like we were in Columbia.


Bonus points if they mention Atlas, and bring back all of the original voice actors

Bonus points if they mention Atlas and bring back all of the original voice actors


But even though I am excited for the DLC I am going to hold off on buying the preorder of the new content for the reviews and opinions of others to come out so see if I it will hold up to the rest of the game and if it worth paying for half of the price of the latest Bioshock game.


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