#253 Joining the 600k

A report came out a while ago that said that World of Warcraft took another hit in subscribers this quarter bringing the numbers of active members down to a-still-impressive 7.7 Million. Today I have the sad news to give that I am one of those 600 thousand that unsubscribed from WoW.

This will be my first time since I first joined Azeroth back in 2007 that I will let my subscription lapse and it is not because of the new in-store hats, or the direction the end game is going, but because with this expansion the magic of playing the game is gone. It took me playing through some of the games I just recently bought on Steam to realize that WoW just was not as fun for me as it was a few years ago and as a result it is incredibly difficult to write about a game I am not enjoying.


and I feel like I already covered a lot of the fun topics at hand without this turning into a videogame diary.

and I feel like I already covered a lot of the fun topics at hand already like  the Old Gods, the what-ifs, and the politics of World of Warcraft


I am not giving up on WoW forever I am just going to take a break from World of Warcraft to play other games guilt-free for a while, I will be keeping my eye out for warcraft in the news and I will be paying attention to this year’s BlizzCon to see what they have in store for the game in the future but until then the only Blizzard games I’m looking forward to are Blizzard’s AllStars and Hearthstone.

I'm still waiting on that beta Blizzard, for both games.

I’m still waiting on that beta Blizzard, for both games.

But what of this blog? Well I invested way too much time and effort into this site to let it die with my subscription so instead of  continuing to write about a game I will no longer play I am changing Be MOP’s direction. Shifting it away from a strictly Warcraft/Blizzard website to a blog about my musing on the games that I am playing and videogames in general. I want to take this site back to its roots a bit, back when I didn’t know about every in the virtual world, with proper essays that often over analyzes insignificant aspects of games. 

I just want to take this time to thank all my WoW readers for clicking through to the site and reading that stuff I have been putting online for this past year and a half and I hope you guys stick around after the change.

In the next few days I’ll be working behind the scenes changing the blog’s  background, header, and other bits to fit the new direction this site. To give you a hint of the direction I am talking about Wednesday’s post is going to involve Team Fortress 2, player hats, and the moral dilemma that I face.



Team scramble!


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Be MOP focuses on the Mists of Pandaria expansion of World of Warcraft with my own reflections about the current news and developments that happens throughout the game’s life cycle. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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4 responses to “#253 Joining the 600k

  1. silversun008

    Good luck!

  2. It makes me sad to see you go, we had some good times back at the start of Cata.

    I find that the big draw to WoW (atleast for me) is not the game, but rather the people. I have my moments … and even abandoned you at one point hopping realms and guild swapping. In the end I don’t think any game could really keep me for long without a medium for meeting up with people.

    I wish you well and look forward to the new direction your blog is taking!

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