#252 Community Blog Post: Who is your favorite faction leader?

Today’s Blog Post comes by the way of WoW Insider with their Community Blog Post that asks the question, “Who is your favorite faction leader?

Out of the more a dozen faction leaders between the two Warcraft factions and even though I am currently a member of the Alliance,  it is no surprise that my favorite faction leader is Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.


Thanks to WoWwiki for providing me with these photos.

She was not only the first faction member I encountered when I first played the game and she has the best back story.

From having a wonderful life with her two sisters as High elf Ranger-General in Silvermoon city to dying in battle to protect her city from the hands of Arthus and his waves and waves of  the undead only to be brought back to life by Arthus to serve him and his Undead and Deamon army forces, then breaking away from his will and is now stuck to command the rest of the forsaken population after the fall of the Lich King.

Also she has one of the best music in the game. Fact.

Also she has one of the best music in the game. Fact.

It is the best example of a character falling from grace and is now stuck with living a cursed life and is, in my opinion, the best lore than any other leader, better than a tribe-leader or a member of royalty that worked from a slave gladiator to king  of all of the Alliance.

But I want to know what who’s your favorite faction leader, and why?  You can leave a comment down below or in the comment section of the original post at WoW Insider.

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3 responses to “#252 Community Blog Post: Who is your favorite faction leader?

  1. Sylvanas is definantly one of my favorites as well. She’s truly an interesting character and even though she’s undead and “emotionally challanged” (for lack of a better desctiption) I do feel for her.

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