#251 Overwhelmed with Choices

Ok, one last post about the Steam Sales until the next major sale event near the holiday season.

After last week’s Steam Summer Sale brought forth some of the best computer games sales I have ever seen online I was left with some great new titles, heavy damage to my wallet, with a total of 152 games in my gaming library, and a very difficult conundrum on what game to actually play.

Before you cast judgement a lot of these games came from various Humble Bundles and rest they had extreme discounts at the time of purchasing

Before you cast judgement a lot of these games came from various Humble Bundles and rest they had extreme discounts at the time of purchasing

It’s a rare (and probably a first world problem) problem but I don’t know what game to play once I have some free after all my work is done. There are so many viable choices, should I complete the old games I am half way through or focus on the new games I just downloaded and if so, Indie or AAA game?

There are so many good choices for entertainment, but not enough time in the day, which is one of the issues I have with the current World of Warcraft expansion. There is just too much, viable adventures to embark on in Mists that I, and I suspect that I am not alone, am feeling overwhelmed by the options offered for us.

The end of Mists is just around the corner and there is still a whole bunch of content from this expansion that I haven’t finished yet, there are the Pet battles, the faction reputations grinds, PvP, PvE, the dungeon challenge modes, lore master, all of the achievements, collecting Dinosaur bones from Isle of Giants, finishing Lore Master and the rest of the achievements in the game.

and HE'S still waiting for me to save Pandaria

and HE’S still waiting for me to save all of Pandaria

Comparing this from where I stood at the end of Cataclysm, I almost 100% that expansion. from the Veteran of the Molten Front to slaying Heroic Deathwing, I was able to experience every major bit of the game by the time Mists started, with the  same amount of play time and the same holds true for when I reached the end of Wrath.

It is funny if you think about it, because it was one of the major draw for this expansion is the major options you could choose and it its acting a bit counterproductive  me who just wants a more  limited option in my game choices so that I can become an expert of all aspects instead of being a jack of all trade and a master of none. 

it is the same complaint I have with the IRL mmo I am also subscribed too

it is the same complaint I have with the “IRL” mmo I am also subscribed too

But I want to know what you think:What do you think about the change in game-play options in Mists of Pandaria? And with the expansion coming to an end where are you in completing all of the Pandaren adventures?

Leave a comment down below, it will be interesting to see if anyone else is facing the same predicament.

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3 responses to “#251 Overwhelmed with Choices

  1. silversun008

    I personally like that there is so much to do in MOP. I personally love getting as much stuff done as I can, but it will always be there, so no rush. I would rather have too much to do in WOW than have nothing to do in WOW.

    • yeah and that’s the argument I thought of just after publishing the post, I while I would much more variety than less but, in my case, too much choices and things to do can be crippling when you only have a limited amount of game time

      • It is really a little amusing, at the end of wrath and cata everyone complained about there not being enough to do, I really believe too much is way better than to little!

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