#250 Indie Games, Music, and Boston FIG

The Steam Summer Sales have ended and while my wallet recovers I have my work cut out for me with the amount of games currently in my backlog.

As much as I love the heavy hitting AAA games like Deadpool, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, and the Batman Arkham series there is always a special place in my heart and gaming library for the independently made games. Maybe it’s because I love a success story or that Indie games always seems to have their developers put more heart into it but I have spent just as much play time with titles like Super Meat Boy, Binding of Issac, Dust: An Elysian Tail, The Bastion, Limbo, and  Thomas was Alone as with the major release games (and just between you and me I tend to enjoy the story and gameplay of the indie games more)

There is a serious discussion that could be had on weather or not Thomas was Alone is in fact a game or not

There is a serious discussion that could be had on whether or not Thomas was Alone is in fact a game or not

So why am I talking about Indie games on a blog that focuses on an MMO that is developed by Blizzard, which is owned by Activision? Because  I want to shed some light on two bits of Indie game related news that I think you, dear reader, might be interested in.

The first indie related news is a plug to a website that many long time readers might have seen before but the people at Humble Bundle are currently having a  sale of  eleven DRM-free albums from the musician, Jim Guthrie. The album set is pay what you want and you can choose where your money can go, either to the artist, the website hosting the sales, or to the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

humble bundle cd

People will write books on how Humble Bundle where able to make successful fundraising campaigns

As always if you pay more than the average donated price you will also get Sword & Swoecery EP and Indie Game: The Movie (which both soundtracks were created by Jim Guthrie) added to your bundle at checkout. The Indie Game: The Movie is an amazing documentary that showed the hard work, dedication and struggle the creators of Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Fez had when developing their game. As of writing this Monday post the sale has a little under three days left so if you want it act quickly.

The second bit of news is for the readers in the greater Boston area, because through my random surfing of the internet I stumbled upon the Boston Festival of Indie Games that is taking place September 14.

boston FIG

According to the website it is going to be an all day event on the MIT campus that focuses on nothing but the independent side of the video-games world. Some of the highlights mentioned are that they are going to have art exhibits, game showcases, talks, Robin Hunicke (of Journey fame) and Chris Remo (from Double Fine/Idle Thumbs) as a Keynote Speakers.

The tickets to this event are free, looks like a lot of fun for a Saturday, I already grabbed my ticket and I thought it would be an event that should receive more awareness in the blogging community.

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