#249 Character Specific Mounts

I’m making good on the promise I made yesterday, I will not be talking about Microtransactions for a while, I am not going to talk about the arrival helms on the Blizzard Pet store and I am not going strike up a discussion about the prices of the three transmoggable helms and comparing those prices to other microtransaction items from other game’s market.

No, instead I am going to dedicate this post to a question that  was asked from Blizzard’s Community Manager, Nethaera and she asked the question:

mount question

I have not talked about mounts for quite a long while with my 150+ mounts in my collection I do have a bit of rules for which character gets to ride which mount.

On my Pandaren monk, who is still to much of a lowbie to ride a flying mount just sticks to the Blonde Riding Yak when he ever needs to travel between LFG dungeon runs.

To keep with the Pandaren theme

To keep with the Pandaren theme

For my level 90 guardian Night Elf druid, I have her use the Black War Bear for a land mount for a sort of meta bear joke.



For the flying mount it would be a shame to use anything else expects for the class-exclusive Druid flight form.

For my main I have a bit more liberal on the rules for what mount the mage can ride since he was the one who I spent most of my playtime on, the one that earns the most money and the one that I collected most of the mounts in my collection. For him I just ride the most expensive mounts or which everyone looks cool with the current armor I have equipped.

The blue panther fits both requirements

The blue panther fits both requirements

and my mage is the only one that has the Reins of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth and Mekgineer’s Chopper on the action bar right next to the regularly used mounts for when ever I feel the need to show off to the general public.

But I want to extend the question to you, do you have characters that you only allow to ride certain mounts? If you do leave a comment below.


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4 responses to “#249 Character Specific Mounts

  1. silversun008

    For most of my characters, I just find a mount in my collection that looks like it would suit them. In the end, they all end up riding different mounts.

    For my main, I tend to use a mount that is somewhat rare or was a pain to get. Right now, my main uses the ZG panther mount.

  2. I do the same thing as Silversun – – some of the mounts just look like x character would like them most.

    My main is a druid, so I never use a flying mount for her, and for the ground mount I use the fossilized raptor because it’s fun and is skinny enough so it doesn’t look like it would bump into things.

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