#248 Blizzard and Hats

I thought we had enough of microtransactions for a while, I thought Blizzard was just going to let the forums and the Blogosphere settle down a bit before any more additions to the blizzard and I seriously thought that blizzard was not going to follow Valve’s Team Fortress 2 model of microtransactions.

I must admit I thought it was a bit of a stretch to compare the TF2 hat-based business model to WoW when Blizzard announced that they were looking into the idea of microtransactions in last Wednesday post (Be MOP #245).  Oh boy, it seemed that I was written some quality foreshadowing because last Friday Blizzard updated their official blog to say that in the near future  new items will be added to the Pet Store to include a seesaw, a hitching post that will grant you and 24 of your friends a temporary skeleton horse mounts, and what I all be talking about today, the three brand new cosmetic helms for Transmogrification.


I *almost* called it

I *almost* called it

I am not angry at Blizzard for introducing these new helms, it’s a free market and we live in a Capitalistic world. If Blizzard thinks that there is an opportunity to make more money, more power too them, just so long as they never hide player content of any kind behind the store’s paywall.

I am worried about what this might mean in the future of gear/armor design team at Blizzard. I fear that Blizzard might now decide any artistic creations from gear designers will be placed into two groups, the ‘For the Players’ group and ‘For the Market’ group and we might see them cutting back on the truly-epic-almost-legendary gear designs from boss drops and PvP rewards to ensure that there is something new for the Pet Store.

Valve’s designer team can get away with distributing new hats and items behind stores and key paywalls  because (at least in my opinion)  Team Fortress 2 is not a game that requires regular and constant design and content updates.


I will hand it to Blizzard, they are selling professionally done hats that fits in art style of the game. AND you can actually see your character wearing the item.

I will hand it to Blizzard, they are selling professionally done hats, that fits in art style of the game, AND items can actually see your character wearing in-game.


The question that I now have to face is, “Will I buy any of these items” and answer for me it is a solid no.

Even if Steam was not delivering daily attacks on my wallet, I still would not buy these new cosmetic items from the store for the same reason why I do not buy hats or reskinned items from TF2’s market place. It is not needed to improve my performance in-game so why should I spend money on it? I just would have expected Blizzard to fine tune the paid services they already have before introducing new shop items, like reducing the cost of their  single character server transfer service and maybe adding a multiple character server transfer bundle at the regular price.

But this is it, I am quite done about talking about microtransactions for a long, long time and the next time I am going to talk about Blizzard and their Pet Store the post will better begin with…


“As I predicted, at this year’s BLIZZCON Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft will be going free to play.”



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5 responses to “#248 Blizzard and Hats

  1. I’m not upset at all, either, but I have no interest in the items themselves, like you.

    As I see it, given that Activision/Blizzard are likely to be facing some serious debt sometime in the next several months, I think there will be many more non-pet “Pet Store” additions before you’ll be able to write “…World of Warcraft will be going free to play.” Doing away with a $100-million-plus-per-month cash cow like subscriptions could be suicidal in a case like that. The amount of content they’d have to sell in microtransactions to even approach that revenue level would be staggering. More likely, they will continue to try to ramp up the pace of content in order to retain subs, and supplement that income with microtransactional content.

  2. I find the micro transactions ammusing… not like I can see any of the transmog stuff while in bear form >.<

    Now if they started selling different Druid animal skins I might be interested!

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