#247 My First Impressions of the Infinite Crisis Beta

Today we are starting the week differntly by talking about the first impressions of a game I was able to get into the Beta testing for. But before I begin I want to ask you the simple question, “Do you know what the Free to Play game market needs?” the answer: more Batman. That’s right, if you have not figured by  that question, and the title I am going to be talking about my experience in the beta of Infinite Crisis, DC comic’s answer to the raising popularity of the freemium games.

Ba na na na na na BATMAN!

This is like a comicbook fan’s dream come true

Out of all the free to play games DC could pick, a M.O.B.A or as I call them A.R.T.S (Action Real Time Strategy) was the best pick, because in order for a MOBA/ARTS game to be successful it needs to have a huge and constantly updating champion roster set to ensure that there is a game style for everyone and to keep the battlefield interesting with new allies and enemies to lane against. Financially speaking the game also needs to have a wide selection of desirable cosmetic champion skins that players want to have and will be willing to buy with money. With full access to DC’s long and often rewritten comic book history, with a slew of heroes and villains from different eras and crossover events the game designers at Infinite Crisis should have no problem creating at least a hundred unique champions each with their own handful of skins.

Use this page and the Crisis on Infinite Earths as a cheat sheet on what heroes and villains to introduce to the game

Use this page and the Crisis on Infinite Earths story as a cheat sheet on what heroes and villains to introduce to the game

Side note: if Kyle Rayner, Doctor Fate, the Russian Starfire, and at least one of the metal men is not added into this game I will go on the gaming forums and complain like no body’s business.


I would like to reiterate that this is not an extensive review or recap of Infinite Crisis, but merely the first impressions I had with a game that is still in development. Without further ado let’s jump in to the game. 

I started the game and headed directly to entered the solo queue and the first thing I noticed was that in the beta there is only one map available (Gotham heights, a capture and hold circular map) and a small handful of champions to choose from, and it looks like they are making strides in adding more maps and champions in future builds

InfiniteCrisis 2013-07-10 22-19-49-21

They just announced that classic Batman but there is still no word on classic superman, or supergirl, or superboy, or powergirl, or superdog or super….

I ended up picking the Joker and decided to wreck some havoc in Gotham and I will say that Infinite Crisis got the game play for the Joker spot on. The Joker has a knock back, quick teleports and drops bombs all over the place, he is as slippery as I imagine the clown prince of crime to be in the comics.

The game objective is clear, simple and something we have all seen before. Stand on the base until and announcer says that your team claimed that objective and you have to kill any enemies you come across. While that is the standard format for any control focused battlefield Infinite Crisis added it’s own twist by programming destructible scenery and champion that are able to pick up the cars in the arena and smash it into other players, which is awesome.

Here we see Captian Marvel Shazam lifting a car with the Strength of hercules

Here we see Captian Marvel Shazam lifting a SUV with the Strength of Hercules

I did have a few matches with buggy FPS and lag spikes but besides that the games and matches went smoothly. I wish I was enough of a theory crafter to tell everyone what moves/champions were overpowered and which team produce the best competitive synergy, I just can’t.  I can tell you some gripes I had with the beta in the hopes that the game developers listens to and improve.

First things first is that there is no option to fight against a team of  AI enemies to spare against any newly bought champion before going head to head with other players. 

And there is also no three lane map that I know of, there is the Gotham heights and they just announced a new Coast City map that has two lanes with turrets  there is no, classic -more competitive- map like you see in League, HoN, or DOTA 2, with three lanes, turrets, waves of minions, inhibitors and an NPC filled forest. After a few years I have grown to appreciate the finer details of fighting on that sort of map.

Both of those complaints can and probability will be patched before or just after Infinite Crisis goes live but there is one problem I did not like, the item shop in the game.

InfiniteCrisis 2013-07-10 21-57-37-23

While all of the items at the shop are cleverly  based after a bit of lore in the comic book world, like the Green Lantern’s power battery, the stats on the items were hard to read and I had a hard time quickly navigating through the items, which left me just kept buying the next recommended item that the game suggested to me. The items were so small on my screen and they all look so similar in design that it gave me the feeling that the items weren’t giving me anything beneficial, instead of items I got the impressions that they were something less important, like talent points or glyphs something just to sink your gold into because you had acquired too much gold and not items and weapons that will help me turn the tide of a team fight. It is something that really needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

That was the only glaring flaw I had with Infinite Crisis, over all I did have fun with the game and I am interested to see where this Infinite Crisis will go once it goes live, what types of players it will attract and how it will fair in the competitive side of the gaming world.

Infinite Crisis is still in beta but it is going to be a free to play A.R.T.S and it is projected to be released in 2013.

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