#240 Why I am the perfect Hearthstone Player

Well it has been another week that has passed and still it has been another week without any word from Blizzard on when HearthStone: Heroes of Azeroth will enter the beta testing stage of development. While the game developers are putting the final touches on the virtual TCG and the list of people they will send out Beta keys too, now is the perfect time to explain to the internet why I, in my humble opinion, am the perfect player to play the beta of Hearthstone ready for its public debut.

Still no beta key, although I did sign up for it

Ahhh….I remember playing the game at PAX East like it was yesterday

This is a spiritual successor to one of my earliest blog posts where I argued the fact that I was the perfect person to play Diablo III (Be MOP #25) because I never played the two previous Diablo games so I would be experiencing the game without rose-colored glasses or holding the game up to unreachable standards from the years of hype that was generated from the Diablo community.

Now why did I add this photo here? certainly this game is going to be flying under the radar when it is released

Now why did I add this image here? certainly this game is going to be flying under the radar when it is released

But for HearthStone, the reason I think I would be the perfect beta tester is because I have a history with strategy card games and know some of the more complex the workings of decks. I talked about it before but I used to play Pokemon and Yi Gi Oh card games in my childhood and it was during my college years when I got into the granddaddy of all trading card game, Magic the Gathering.

The reason I entered into the world of planewalkers was impart because one of my best friends who would regularly spend his weekends at the local comic book story being a part of the competitive Magic the Gathering tournaments. Over the years of watching him play and persuading me to buy just one more starter pack from the store for my collection I struck up countless conversations with discussing the various cards combinations, deck builds, and strategies that the professional MTG players used in major tournaments.

From those talks I believe I am qualified to play the beta of HearthStone not only play test the basic class decks but if I do win the chance to beta test I promise that I will comb through the cards available and try to create unconventional decks to test their viability and see if games can win a match against the traditionally made decks, which might offer some important information to consider if Blizzard ever has plans to take HearthStone to a competitive level.

Blizzard already has a E-sports tournament to host some Hearthstone games

Blizzard already has a E-sports tournament to host some HearthStone games on, it’s not that far off.

While I am not an expert on the finer details of Aggro, Control, and Combo based decks I do know enough create some initial testing, just enough to start the online conversation with the other players of this HearthStone community.

Again, Blizzard has not release I have a feeling that the beta will between the second or third week of July but until then I’ll just be binding my time going back and rewatching some of the matches Blizzard has uploaded to YouTube

But in the meanwhile, I want to ask a question to my readers,From what you have seen so far of HearthStone, what class deck which deck are you most excited to play and why?


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