#239 Garrosh and the Horde’s Revolution on the Horizon

As I mentioned in Monday’s post I am still working at the NH Boys State, the Political Summer camp for Highschoolers in the State of New Hampshire, and even though I am a counselor for the week I am enjoying the whole experience of getting back to the basics of government and how it works on the state level. Along the way one of the subtle lessons taught at this week is what makes a good leader in government the more it was told of what it means to be an excellent leader, the kids started adopting those standards in and out of the political lectures.

As usual somehow I find a way to tie it back to World of Warcraft, over this week I realized how bad of a leader Garrosh is for the Horde and the how next patch is not just the final raid of Mists of Pandaria, if you a member of the Horde, this is a revolution against Hellscream. If we look at other real life revolutions that took place in the Middle East during the Arab Springs movement and the recent protests in Turkey and Brazil, all have some very common traits the their government leadership style that Garrosh is subscribed to.  Those leaders are power-hungry, they create aggressive & oppressive policies and eventually the citizens gets fed up and decides that enough is enough.

I am going to save everyone the boredom of drawing parallels between Garrosh and real world government leaders who were thrown out by the people for the sake of the post’s length and because unlike the political actions in Azeroth I don’t know the full stories of both sides of the story of each revolution/protest I mention later on.

Garrosh’s aggressive agenda as Warchief started by the breaking of the truce between the Horde and Alliance with deforestation of Ashenvale but there was no complaints coming from the Horde because of you read the Sundering book it was stated that the Horde needed the wood for reconstruction and for general consumption. Garrosh’s invasion and Cataclysm activities were needed to ensure the survivability and stability of the Horde after the near-end-of-the-world.

Things changed in Mists of Pandaria, Garrosh became a bit too comfortable in his poison and started projects not to further the agenda of the people of the horde but instead he was following political actions that advanced his own personal and egotistical agenda.

he thought of the potential weapons in Pandaria first, compare that to the Alliance’s first goal there.

Garrosh first thought of the potential weapons he could find in Pandaria, compare that to the Alliance’s original reason for exploring the island

The other major downfall of Garrosh is that through his aggressive agenda he made no friends along the way. Garrosh could have saved himself the hell of being killed by hundreds of players each week all looking for some new loot for months on end if he did not alienate literally EVERYONE the nation/party/horde.

If he was able to rally all the race factions together under his envisioned goal, the Horde’s make up could have been completely different, if all members worked together well enough they might have easily dominated the Alliance in Pandaria.

Ever since Garrosh took the title of Warchief  he has been driving away all other races from Horde. It started even before he officially begun. with the accidental killing of the popular leader of the Tauren, Cairne Bloodhoof, and continued into Cataclysm by distancing the entire Forsaken population and discrediting any potential Sylvanas to the Horde’s cause.

In Mists of Pandaria while Garrosh was giving special attention to his people he was burning bridges with the Blood Elves, trolls and in this recent scenario, the goblins.

Bam! Instant awesome from  a Political Science fan

This is quickly becoming my favorite screenshot of this expansion

Garrosh Hellscreamwas not just burning bridges but Garrosh has also been stripping away the troll’s freedom with placing guards stationed at every important member in the troll district and it has also been confirmed in the books that Garrosh has his secret police taking care of any protesting voices.

From real life history we have seen that if a leader keep adding social pressures on to a society, sooner or later there will be a breaking point and that’s when the revolution begins.

Then we see the result by the protests, if you can find the pictures coming out of Turkey or the Arab nations where people from with rose up against their leader’s regime wanting nothing more than a sudden, drastic change in the nation’s policy and direction of the people.

Revolutions can be violent, messy, and when push comes to shove the protesting citizens will be willing to accept aid from anybody. Enter the Alliance, this is how the other half of the player base justifies getting involve with all of this juicy, juicy internal drama.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

While Blizzard has told the players that this raid is going to be a thing, I have not heard of whether or not we will be able to deliver the killing blow to Garrosh and if he survives we do not know (but we can guess) if he will still be in charge of the Horde going forward into the next chapter of WoW.

If he does gets ‘impeached from office’ it will be interesting to see who will replace him. Historically where there have been a revolution to get rid of a corrupt leader the person that the people put in charge afterwards is just as bad as the previous leader.

Another interesting possibility is that we might see the Horde’s Warchief/Monarch style of government end with Mists of Pandaria moving to something more of a council of all the races.

Who knows we might see the  Horde accept the idea of a democratically run government. and if you ask yes I am voting for basic campfire.

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4 responses to “#239 Garrosh and the Horde’s Revolution on the Horizon

  1. Yes, I will definitely second your vote for the “basic campfire” because it is a safe bet that it will be around indefinitely and is more dependable in it’s duties. Great read and a good comparison to some of the RL issues going on – past and present.

    • Thank you, I’m glad that you enjoy it and more importantly that you could actually read it, that whole post was the result of two sleep deprived days sitting in on multiple political lectures and actives.

  2. “Garrosh could have saved himself the hell of being killed by hundreds of players each week all looking for some new loot for months on end if he did not alienate literally EVERYONE the nation/party/horde.”

    Seriously, if you can’t even buy a goblin’s loyalty, you’ve got problems out the wazoo. (Or are gonna have ’em.)

    I totally vote for Sassy Hardwrench. She would get sheeyit DONE. (http://www.wowpedia.org/Sassy_Hardwrench)

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