#237 Steam’s Trading Cards, HeathStone, and Skinner’s Box

A few weeks ago I entered the beta of Valve’s next big project Half Life 3 Steam’s new trading card system and user profile program.

Steam Trading Card game is simple enough to follow, if you play a game from the list of games that opted in to the program, randomly throughout your play time you will receive a virtual card from that game to create a pack which you then craft into badges to be shown off on your profile page and to gain experience points to gain more levels to get a higher level.

The big feature is that there are different levels of rarity and some cards are unobtainable by yourself so you are encouraged to trade between friends to complete pack.

Steam TCG promo

It was an interesting program but I did not partake in it since a lot of the game included were not a apart of my collection, but this past week the people at steam announced that, among other games, Super Meat Boy (my favorite platformer) joined the Trading Card program. Soon enough I caught myself starting up SMB to collect some bandages, to test my skill on some of the newer stages, and over all raise my blood pressure.

From that night I unlocked the Headcrab character, progressed a tiny bit, and received my first card.


So it begins….

From that I started to get the collector’s itch and I started a new file of Portal 2 and while I heavily dislike replaying the story in games my drive to collect more of those randomly dropped cards pushed me to play through Portal 2’s campaign for another time.


This picture is the best representation of me since I stared playing Steam Trading Cards

This picture is the best representation of me since I stared playing Steam Trading Cards.

This new program is actually giving me the motivation to finish my games and picking up other games in my backlog just for the off-chance of getting one more collectible to show off to my friends.

After a planned night of WoW was derailed by Steam I wonder if Blizzard could create the same magic with their virtual trading card game, HearthStone, by encouraging players of one game to pick up the other. If the HearthStone developers wanted to go this way they could offer exclusive cosmetic items for World of Warcraft that you can only unlock from playing HearthStone and they could reward players in World of Warcraft with rare/unique trading cards that you can only get from completing a certain achievement or by completing random events in the world of Azeroth.


I wonder if Blizzard would ever created IRL versions of these cards

If Blizzard was truly evil they would release an ultra rare, ultra powerful card that you can only get by attending the Warcraft movie. Call it now.


But until I get access to Heathstone I am going to be spending a lot of time with Steam’s Trading Card trading cards trading and collecting cards for my own amusement. If anyone is interested in trading with me, my username is Noahdeer I currently just have a few Portal 2 and Super Meat Boy cards but I have a feeling with this year’s Steam Summer Sales I am going to have more cards than I know what to do with.


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