#235 Garrosh and the Green Lanterns

A few days ago the people at MMO champion data-mined a whole bunch of new information about patch 5.4 and it looks like this will be the content patch where we will finally take down Garrosh, and it looks like we have our work cut out of us.

MMO Champion, the Wikileaks of WoW

MMO Champion, the Wikileaks of WoW

With the data-mining we were given a sneak peek of the new monsters, the tier 16 armor set and some of the boss encounters. But what’s more exciting is that Garrosh has received another graphical makeover to make him prepared to take center spotlight for the siege on Orgrimmar raid and he even comes with a sha-infused version for, I assume, the final stage of the final fight.


Sha touched with a hint of the Old Gods

While everyone and their mother foresaw Garrosh utilizing the power of the Sha to advance his own political and military agenda, I just hope that once everything is all and done Blizzard sticks to their guns and follow through on their plan to have Garrosh willingly accept the power of the Sha  instead of convincing us that Garrosh was corrupted and brainwashed by the ancient evils of Pandaria.

I worry because I have seen this before, if you let me diverge I want to tell you all a story that happened twenty years ago in a different genera of geeky media. Quick! to the local comicbook story for a history lesson.

In the early 90’s DC comics wanted to switch things up with their Green Lantern series so the writers created a story arc where Hal Jordan (the most popular Green Lantern at the time) would see his home town, Coast City,   become completely destroyed in a hug explosion, wiping the entire population. Stricken with grief, Hal then goes crazy and goes on a journey to killing the entire Green Lantern Corp stealing their power rings so that he could have enough power to rewrite the universe in his own image, saving Coast City. During this story arc, he threw away his old name, and started calling himself Parallax.


and It was an awesome story arc

and It was an awesome series

The story transitioned into a major DC crossover event where the rest of the DC  superheroes tried to stop him and of course, the heroes successes in foiling Hal-now-Parallax’s plan, saving the Earth. And because  Hal was too popular to kill off for real, he was tucked away somewhere for a later date.

When Hal was eventually bought back in the comic book fold DC wanted him to be one of the heroes, so to explain his evil plan, the comicbook writers rewrote the past explaining that the crimes that Hal committed was not because he, a regular man, was stricken with guilt after seeing everything and everyone he known be taken away from him, no instead  it was a parasite made of prue fear that was imprisoned the main green lantern on Oa and that parasite, which was the real Parallax, processed Hal and that was the reason for the insane actions of Hal Jordan. Needless to say there were some comicbook readers who were angry at this move, retconing a story arc that depicted one of the best hero’s fall into madness after a tragic event to a simple procession story.  


Evil bug trapped in a green night light for thousands and thousands of years, just another story arc in the comicbook world

Evil bug trapped in a green night light for thousands and thousands of years, just another story arc in the comicbook world


This is what I am worried about moving past patch 5.4, I fear that if Blizzard want to bring back Garrosh as a protagonist in next expansion’s that the game designers will just  brush off Garrosh’s recent actions as a leader who just became an unwilling puppet for the Sha. I know Blizzard has been setting up Garrosh’s downfall for months I do recognize that it is very tempting to take the easy way out when bringing someone back from exile.

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7 responses to “#235 Garrosh and the Green Lanterns

  1. Never compaired Parallax to Garrosh… I guess the way he is being corrupted makes some sence.

  2. I agree with you here. I really hope Garrosh is gone for good after next patch.

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