#229 A Change in the Warcraft’s Log-in Screen

Is it just me or do you think we should have a change of log-in screen for World of Warcraft?

I came across this question over the weekend when I was logging online for a session of aiding the rebelling trolls against Garrosh by stealing resources from Kor’kron camps, usually by way of bloodshed, but before I even started my adventure into the harsh barrens landscape I was greeted with a calm soothing image of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


Complete with leaves blowing in the wind

Blizzard has traditionally gave the players one log-in screen for each expansion and while it did its job to capture the overall tone of the expansion, it never captured the current content.  If we are going to be spending most of our play time on Kalimdor I do not want to see my log-in screen showcase an already explored area of Pandaria.

I would love to have a change in scenery once in a while, a new log-in screen for every major content patch, to match the loading screen of the current raid. Very similar to how, for a brief moment, there was a different character select screen for the Alliance and Horde.

To this day, I still don't know what I did to unlock this character select screen.

To this day I still don’t know what I did to unlock this character select screen.

I do not know a thing on how graphic designers/ art department functions at Blizzard, but I can not imagine too much time would be taken away from development to make a new log-in screen of the zone we are going to be focused on with a npc idly moving around with music from the raid.

Imagine, logging in every day of the last major patch of Mists of Pandaria to see the front gate of Orgrimmar under siege by the Trolls and Alliance.

If Blizzard takes this path, they could earn bonus points from the players by adding a toggle on the log-in screen that allows players switch to their favorite log-in screen on their own computers. 

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2 responses to “#229 A Change in the Warcraft’s Log-in Screen

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  2. I’d like a built in functionality to use my own itunes playlist in the game, as well as being able to incorporate mumble or skype.

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