#228 The Long Awaited Bat Mount

Yesterday Blizzard revealed their newest mount, the Armored Bloodwing bat, available to players of both factions who can afford the $25 price tag.

Blood bat

Even though I am still on my quest to collect 200 mounts, I am not quite that desperate to drop $25 dollars to achieve my goal, not again.

After reading the announcement and seeing the all the players in Stormwind on their new mounts I felt sad about this mount release,   because players of the Horde have been waiting for years and years for a flying bat mount. Ever since the launch of the Burning Crusade and the members of the Alliance was able to collect both Gryphons and Hippogryph taxi mounts while the Horde could only get the Wind Rider taxi from Kalimor.

We got a hint of that bats would be returning in the troll’s Zalazane’s Fall pre-catalysm event when the members of the horde were asked to hop on the Darkspear’s bats to rain frog-bomb the enemies. It just feels cheap that Blizzard would only put the bat mount in the stores.

Although I’m still holding out that Blizzard will make the bat mount obtainable in-game, either Blizzard’s next major Undead/Lady Sylvanas chapter or in that one last trolls raid that I know Blizzard has tucked in their sleeves. Similar to how Heart of the Aspect gave some players a chance to get the eastern dragon design a few months before Mists released the Cloud Serpent model to the rest of the players population.


And Now for something completely different.

In Humble Bundle’s never-ending goal to separate me from my money as fast as possible, I have just been informed that they have teamed up with Telltale Games and is currently selling a bundle of their best games, including such titles like Back to the Future, Sam & Max and Wallace & Gromit and if you pay above the average, you will also get the award-winning, Walking Dead game.

humble weekly sale poker

It follows theirs previous payment policy, where you get to decide how much you want to pay for the games and you get to choose where your money is going.

But what really made me excited for this bundle is game, Poker Night at the Inventory, not because I play poker but it is because Matt Chapman returns to gives his voice to Strong Bad! Strong Bad was one of the first internet celebrities I ever experienced, I remember spending hours and hours watching and rewatching the Homestar runner skits and waiting each week to see what new email Strong Bad would answer. 

The bundle’s average now is holding at  about $4.30 http://www.humblebundle.com/weekly

Now if you excuse me I have to marathon every Sbemail on their website to recapture some nostalgia.

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