#227 Shared Topic: Repurposed

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared topic comes from Mataoka with the question:

What junk or grey items in game should be made to be used for spells or buff foods, etc? There are many fun items that no one wants, but could be used in imaginative ways!

One of the things I love to do in this game is collect odd and unique things whether it be mounts, exclusive holiday items, pieces of gear, and grey items that are constantly eating up my bank space. 

My first choice would be The Stoppable Force, a trash drop from Burning Crusade that became a bit of an inside joke between my friends in high school and for this I just want Blizzard to change it so that it becomes a transmoggable. 

Maybe this will make a reappearance when Blizzard goes back and revamps the Burning Crusade content in the next demon expansion

Maybe this will make a reappearance as a joke in a future demon themed expansion

My second choice would be the Bottled Fire, an item I received from a Blingtron 4000 daily.  There are dozens of consumable items that deals damage to enemies in battle and I wish made this one made the cut.

Just look at the warning! it causes death. I know of a particular Horde warchief that I would gladly use it on

Just look at the warning! It causes death. I know of a particular Horde Warchief that I would gladly use it on

Fun Fact: there is already a grey item that unlocks a special in-game event, if you encounter a hunter and link them the Crystalline Tear of Loyalty and lie to them about looting it from the rare spawn that he or she was searching for they will cry. 


I also feel like it’s my civic duty as a citizen of the internet to inform as much people as I can about the Humble Bundle’s eighth Indie Bundle.

humble bundle 8

The same rooms apply, five DRM-free, cross-platform games with their soundtracks listed at name your price, beat the average and you get two additional games. With a customizable part of your proceeds going to two awesome charities 

You can find more about this sale at http://www.humblebundle.com/, better hurry because this deal only lasts for 13 more days.

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2 responses to “#227 Shared Topic: Repurposed

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  2. Big lol at the warning label – reminds me of my polevaulting pole from university – where the warning label said, “Warning incorrect use of this equipment can lead to head trauma and or death.” There’s motivation not to eff up for you!

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