#226 First Impressions of the Barrens Battlefield

This weekend I spent most of my Warcraft play-time revisiting one of my favorite zones back when I played an undead on the Horde,  the one the only, Barrens zone.

I forgot how awesome the color orange can be

I forgot how awesome the color orange can be

The very first impression I got when I completed the introductory quest chain and first few stages of the proper zone was  how awesome it was.

One of the first things I saw when I was gathering information about the recent changes within the horde was a mobilized orc military, imprisoning rebel trolls and keeping them at gun point.


Bam! Instant awesome from  a Political Science fan

Bam! Instant awesome from a Political Science fan


After getting the rebel trolls and Vol’jin himself to trust the Alliance to join the cause of overthrowing Garrosh, I was then asked to complete a quest to steal gather wood, meat, oil and stone from the Kor’kron forces.Although I despise most gathering quests, this was one of the few times I can tolerate. As I mentioned before in one of my posts about the Isle of Thunder, I did not feel like I was making any progress every time I completed a Kirin Tor offensive daily.Each Mogu and Saurok I killed did not bring the faction to stopping the Thunder King, we were just dealing with his foot soldiers and wild life.

But in the Barrens Battlefield I actually feel like each barrel of oil I steal and each shaman I take out cripples Garrosh’s army and aids the Alliance and Trolls’ cause.  I just wish that Blizzard would add a Windwool cloth turn in quest at the questhub, it seems the most appropriate time to bring that ancients quest model back.

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5 responses to “#226 First Impressions of the Barrens Battlefield

  1. Our participation in the Revolution was it seems very “Short” hopefully there is big things planned as the weeks move forward. Already people seem bored with farming the Oil, Lumber, Meat and Stone for the Epic “class” items.
    Other than that the 5.3 story line is rolling out to be epic, I can’t wait to find out what happens to Thrall on his journey to Orgrimmar or in fact (and more importantly for my Tauren Sunwalker) what Baine Bloodhoof will do for his people and the revolution 😀

  2. That’s pretty cool. I must have missed the Kor’kron keeping Darkspear at gunpoint. I’ll look for them next time I have a free evening.

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