#223 WoW’s Impact on my Life

As I was looking through my Twitter feed I found a question from the podcast, All Things Azeroth. They asked the simple question,

How has WoW made an impact on your life, for better or worse?

I have played this game for several years now, and I would like to think my life has been changed for the better.  A while ago I answered a similar question about how WoW has improved my typewriting skills and it opened my eyes to see how an efficient and functional team is formed (Be MOP #103), but that post did not answer the question of if my life was improved on a whole.

While I may be out of hundreds of dollars to pay subscription fees for all the years and spending many, many late nights wiping on that one boss the held back the progression raid group.  I would like to believe that my life has improved because of all the friends I got to meet along the way. Because I played World of Warcraft  I was able to meet people online from all corners of the world that I would never meet if I never picked up this game. World of Warcraft also strengthened the friendship I had with my existing, IRL, gaming friends. I can not count the speculation, discussions, and agreements I had with my friends over lunch or dinner.

I can also point to WoW for this creation of this blog that allowed me to post my thoughts and opinions of the game, all the while improving my writing and social media skills, which has already transitioned to other parts of my life.


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