#221 Patch 5.3 needs to come out now

A few months ago, I was planned to ask the question if Warcraft’s content patches are going in too quickly, it was going to be great full of pros and cons. But after a case of burnout, I realized that this next major content patch can not come soon enough.

After I completed the last phrase of the Thunder Isle I lost all interest in playing on my mage, literally overnight my play time with my main plummeted.


What’s the use of participating on the island once the main story ends?


The guild I was  in dissolved a few months ago and with that went my raiding and social group. Even with the worst case of WoW burnout, the raiding group and the appeal of progressive PvE was the only thing bringing me back to play each week and I just don’t have the desire to see end game content when I have the more accessible Raid Finder function.

The battlegrounds and arenas are out of the question, WoW’s PvP  is just not that exciting ever since I have been playing ranked matches in League of Legends. A game where I can switch to any type of class and play style from game to game without having to sink any time leveling  that champion from level one to play competitively. 

With the progressive raiding and battlegrounds just not keeping my attention I am resorted to play the daily and the Azeroth world for my gameplay, the problem is that I almost completed all of the reputation grinds in Pandaria and because I have been a long time completionist there is not much old game content to go back too.

With no new content  I am stuck leveling my monk, which is acting as the new cannery nelf. Yesterday I realized that my Pandaren has been getting more playtime now then when I was leveling my night elf at the end of Cataclysm. 

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  1. I miss you noah, hit me up on real ID

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