#219 Some good news from the Blizzard Financial Report

This week Activision-Blizzard released their financial results of the company for the first quarter of the yearWhile the announcement that World of Warcraft lost 1.8 million subscribers and is expected to continue to lose players until the end of the year did steal the spotlight, there was some good news that came from the finical report. No, not that their new MMO is coming out soon and it is not that Diablo III is coming to the PS3/4. The good news comes from the fact that Blizzard has acknowledged the existence of their nearly-forgotten Action Real Time Strategy  (A.R.T.S) game, Blizzard All-Stars!

activision blizzard

Look, It’s right there! It’s even above their unannounced MMO.

This has been the one Blizzard game that I have been most excited to play and I was a tad afraid that the game was causally dropped from development, like Starcraft Ghost, because there have not been any of any announcements on the game’s progress since a few months after it was first announced

Blizzard has stated that they will not be releasing any new game for the rest of this year, so that means the game where I can play as Sylvanas Windrunner as I deliver the killing bow to Jim Raynor just before Deckard Cain tries to kill steal me will have to wait until *hopefully* early 2014.

To any Blizzard employees who are in development of Blizzard All-Star and are looking for  player testers, I am more than willing to participate in the beta. Just remember, Mid or I feed.


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